She asked, “Why?”

Don’t we many times want to ask God, “Why?” Usually it’s something significant we’re searching for the answer to. But sometimes, it can be something seemingly small.

Recently, a friend of mine, June, gave me some stuffed animals. Her daughter had had a birthday, and she and her friends had gone to a special stuffed bear store where she had been given a collection of many bears/animals. When she came home, her mother asked, “Why?” She wondered what an 18 year old was going to do with so many stuffed animals? They were put into a closet, not knowing what was to become of them until the day June asked me if I might be able to use them. I told her, “Yes.” She brought them over, and had even put each one into its own gift bag. What a sweet gesture. She knew I was soon heading to Oregon to spend some time with my grandchildren during a difficult season in their lives. This was going to be a fun surprise for them!

On my last night in Oregon, while watching a movie, I went upstairs to get them. There was excitement all around as I handed each one their bag with the special stuffed animal in it. They couldn’t have been happier as each animal perfectly matched each child. My grandson, Cooper, age four, who has been given the rank of “Captain” by his daddy, received a bear dressed as Captain America. Nothing could have made him happier. Kylie, age nine, received the Cinderella bear which she quickly named, Cindy. She was thrilled! And Maren, age seven, who loves to hang things off the top bunk, received the stuffed mouse with the long tail. Maren struggles with Autism, so it was fun to see how God matched her stuffed animal with what she enjoys.

When we ask, “Why,” God already knows the answer. Usually we have to wait to see what it is, though. Sometimes things seem out of place, wasted, too hard, confusing, and the list could go on... Honestly, a lot of the time life doesn’t make sense. But isn’t it good to know that to God all things make sense, because we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him. (Romans 8:28) When it seems the tough stuff of life adds up, and the good things can seem few and far between, we have to trust God and know He is tending to our hearts. Many times, He will comfort us in ways that will surprise us.

Searching And Noticing the Divine can be hard when we’re in a storm. Just like in Oregon, sometimes it seems like the rain will never stop, and the dark clouds are there more days than not…but the Son-shine can still outweigh the darkness when we cling to Jesus like a little child that clings to a cherished stuffed animal. We can rest, drifting off to sleep under the ever watchful eye of our Savior who loves us.

My eyes will watch over them for their good…
Jeremiah 24:6 (NIV)