The Lake

We wait…and we wait…and we wait…wondering. Is God going to show up in our pain? The trials of this life can weigh so heavy! We need some relief! But where will we find it? Will God show up in our struggles, helping us to know He truly never leaves us nor forsakes us?

This day in the sand, literally, takes us to a lake. My friend had gone there as a welcome relief from a very troubling time in her life. She needed a change of scenery and a renewed spirit within. Upon arriving at the lake with her friends, she spotted the jet skies for rent. She knew immediately, and voiced it as well, that riding a jet ski was on her personal agenda for the day. Little did she know how very much God had it on her agenda too!

As she and her friends found a place by the lake to relax and have some fun, disappointment started to settle in…they were far, far away from where the jet skies were available. It seemed her heart’s desire was out of reach. And then, out of nowhere, a young man was coming closer…not on land, but on water, and on a jet ski! She and her friends started to notice him and wondered: What was he was doing? Was he some sort of lake patrol? Were they doing something wrong? No. He was just out searching for a cigarette! He asked if anyone had one? And then the thought came to my friend - a cigarette for a ride! What a deal that would be! The whole group was excited to help her with the exchange, anxious to see her wish fulfilled. But she took it upon herself to see if this would be possible. She approached the young man, thus opening up the avenue to receive God’s hand of blessing.

The young man on the jet ski was happy to honor her request, and even let my friend drive! It was just what the “doctor” ordered to lift the heavy spirit that had been plaguing her of late. While on the ride, the young man mentioned his mother, after all, it was Mother’s Day. He was missing his mom, and my friend offered to be his mom for the day. It seems God’s intentions were to bless him in the way he most needed it as well!

Where and how does God meet us when we need Him most? The answer is anywhere and in any way that will best meet our needs! Jesus met His disciples along the shore in John 21 also: At dawn Jesus was standing on the beach. (4) “Bring some of the fish you’ve just caught.” (10) “Now come and have some breakfast!” Jesus said. (12)

Does a cigarette help a young man? No. But the comfort of a person offering him God’s love can surely be a great blessing. And can a jet ski heal what ails us? Not fully, but it can help a hurting heart to find some healing knowing that God’s love for us is so great He will meet us beside a lake with a bit of nourishment for our souls, just as Jesus did with his friends!

When Searching And Noticing the Divine, we can witness friends of Jesus still getting special treatment today!