The Boy and the Snake

Snakes…not my favorite subject! So why do I start off this new series of writings with such a story? Because, I hope these new writings will be filled with stories of blessings beyond measure…stories of seeing God in our everyday circumstances and marveling at who He is and all the ways He shows Himself to us!

Today’s story is a simple one, yet so like our God. We were visiting the San Francisco Zoo this last Sunday to celebrate our grandson, Jackson’s, seventh birthday. We were there to see Jackson’s present fascination, the Anaconda. For the past six months, that has been all Jackson wanted for his birthday—to take his best buddy, also named Jackson, to see the Anaconda that is at the San Francisco Zoo. His mother explained on the way to the zoo that he needed to be patient. We were going to see lots of other animals on the way to where the Anaconda was, but we would get there!

The big moment arrived, and we entered the building to see this very large snake. It was curled up in the water over in the corner of the window, and Jackson was thrilled! There it was at long last!! Our very scientific grandson was elated!! And we took many pictures, but the snake did nothing but lay still, as snakes do for the most part! Then Jackson asked his mom if he could take some pictures of the snake. He moved to the other window that was farther away from the snake, mostly because there were many people who wanted to get up close and see this snake. And then it happened! The snake started to make its way over to Jackson, to where he was behind the glass. It swam right up to him and seemed to be looking right at him!! After six months of waiting, which is a long time for a small child, he saw his Anaconda just inches away! God knew the desires of Jackson’s heart, and He fulfilled his birthday wish in a most spectacular way!! Jackson’s day was fully complete as his long awaited desire was not only met, but even exceeded by our mighty God! Who else can move a snake but the One who created it!

Because of Searching And Noticing the Divine, we saw what only God could do!

Psalm 37:4
Take delight in the Lord,
and he will give you your heart’s desires.