What Have We Missed?

Recently I visited a longtime friend! We hadn’t spent any time together in about three years, and yet we only live 1 ½ hours apart! Why hadn’t we made the effort to connect, to meet face-to-face? We didn’t really know why. Was it the busyness of life? Perhaps. Or maybe it was just the effort it takes to set a date that worked for both of us, and follow-through on it. Regardless, it finally happened, and we had a super time together discussing all the things that had transpired since we last met.

During our time together, we talked about our families, our feelings, and our God. We talked about everything two friends could possibly think to talk about, trying to catch up on all that we had missed out on. Trying…but do we actually have the opportunity to recapture all the experiences that we could have been enjoying together, or are they lost? And what is it that’s been lost? We probably have no way of knowing. It reminds me of the story of the person who arrives in Heaven and he sees a room full of unopened gifts. He wonders what they are, and he is told that those are all the things God wanted to give him but he never asked for.

When good friends come back together, it is like no time has passed. The reconnection is always there, as it is when we reconnect with God. God never goes anywhere. We can let long periods of time elapse between meetings with our Savior one on one…but how sad is that? I know there are unopened gifts God meant for my friend and me to enjoy together, just as there are many things that go unknown in our relationship with God if we let too much time go by between our talks. Wonderful surprises and experiences are missed because of simple neglect. Really!

God is our friend. God deserves our faithfulness. After all, “…we were restored to friendship with God by the death of his Son.”
Romans 5:10

Have I been faithful to my friend of many years? Well, if you had asked me if Cheryl is my friend, I would have said, “Yes.” Just as if you ask me if God is my Friend, I would say, “Yes.” But am I always faithful in my relationships with both of them? The answer would have to be, “No.” I don’t always spend the time and energy to stay as close as I should, and I miss out. We all do! But when we do reconnect, it can remind us of what we don’t want to continue to miss out on, because it is so good~so TRULY SPECIAL!

When Searching And Noticing the Divine, we have to make an effort! We have to actively stay in close contact with our Friend in Heaven so as not to miss out on what He wants to share with us every day on this earth!