God Fills in the Blanks

This morning the page was blank. I had no story I could share with all of you. I say, “could share” because I have seen God working, and working in mighty ways, but the stories are private. You might think I share everything that comes across my life, but I don’t. And when I do, I ask the person beforehand if it is okay. But today I have to stay quiet about some great workings of God. I prayed about it this morning, asking God to help me remember back on this week, and the week previous. But still, the page stayed blank about what I could share. It reminds me of the verse where Jesus tells the crowd not to tell anyone after He healed the deaf and mute man in Mark 36. I often wonder why?

I told my friend, Ann, at lunch today that I am without a SAND Room writing for this week. She asked me how I felt about that? I said almost immediately, “Expectant.” We laughed, and both wondered if maybe something was going to happen at lunch. Maybe there would be a divine moment with God that could be shared. We kept watch. There was a gentleman walking our way, very, very, very slowly…he obviously had suffered a stroke. Then I noticed his friend was there ahead of him arranging the table so he would be able to sit down. They were about the same age, maybe even brothers. Nothing unusual happened, except kindness. It did warm my heart.

Ann and I kept talking. I shared some of the things with her that I can’t share with you here—astounding things that God has been doing. I could do that privately. But that doesn’t help me here. Ann and I eventually parted ways, and I headed to the grocery store. Nothing in particular happened there. But then, on my drive home, I remembered one of the things Ann and I talked about, and she said something remarkable after I shared a story with her. She said, “I think it goes back much farther than that.” It may not seem like a remarkable statement to you, the reader, but it opened my eyes to the workings of God. I was telling Ann about an incident that happened a couple of months ago, and just how God put the pieces together. She said she thought it went back even farther than what I was seeing. I stopped for a moment, and thought about it, and it amazed me how God directs our paths. What we think might be a random encounter, or even a friendship that builds into a lifelong trail of memories together, God is orchestrating them all. We may even part ways for many years, but it’s not a disruption in what God is doing—it’s simply a period of waiting for our Father to put the pieces in place so His Kingdom work can be accomplished.

Searching And Noticing the Divine involves waiting expectantly every day. Many times it also involves fellowship, because when we share the story of our lives with each other, we can help one another see what God is doing. I’m glad Ann opened my eyes today to the even more intricate workings of the Divine. This I can share with you!