Where’s the Beef?

On my flight to Florida, which I wrote about in the last SAND Room story, I met a man who lives outside of Austin. He owns a cattle ranch, and it is no regular cattle ranch; he raises Wagyu beef. Have you ever heard of Wagyu beef? I hadn’t. But in a very short time, I was to learn just what it is, and how expensive it can be.

The gentleman, seated in my row, explained to me that Wagyu is very similar to Kobe beef, but since Kobe comes from Japan, it is the only beef truly allowed to carry the name. I asked if it was what was in the feed that made it so good? He said, no, it is genetic. He told me that his feed cost is $7,000 a day, and when he hears someone complain about the price of beef, he doesn’t agree. He knows it should even be higher because of the cost of raising cattle today. Now, don’t get out your violin for him. From what he said, he made a sizeable amount of money last year. Before the plane even took off, and while the seat between us remained empty, I learned a lot from him. I also learned that, I, most probably, would not be eating any Wagyu beef at $49.00 a pound. I told him as much. He said I could probably get a hamburger for around $12.00. I agreed that was probably what I would be settling for if I wanted to try some. I asked for his business card for some reason, and after the seat between us filled, the plane took off, and we barely spoke a word after that, other than good-bye upon our arrival in Tampa.

My friend, Deb, was there to greet me at the airport. As we normally do, we headed out to get a bite to eat. We chose a restaurant called “The Brick Oven.” Lo and behold, when I opened the menu guess what I saw? A Kobe Burger! It was made with Wagyu beef! Of course, I ordered it for lunch, even for $14.00! Why does it seem, when we don’t know about something, we think we have never seen nor heard of it before, and then when we are educated on it, we start to see it all over the place? (I did send him an email, to let him know I had tried some Wagyu.)

Searching And Noticing the Divine stories have a purpose. They are not just because I love to tell stories, although I do. But what I really want to do through these writings is encourage all of us to search for things around that are blessings from our Father in Heaven...to take notice of all that Jesus left us with...to watch how the Holy Spirit leads us through our day. Hopefully in these stories, we will learn about God and see Him, like I learned about Wagyu and then saw it. Hopefully we will start to see God everywhere, in everything—we will start to trust God more, and love Him more, because we will NOTICE how very much He loves us.

If you seek him, he will be found by you;
1 Chronicles 28:29 NIV