A God of Order

I’m reading through the book of Leviticus right now. Honestly, it’s not the most interesting read. It seems very repetitive. I asked God to show me what I can learn from all the ways He is instructing the Israelites through Moses. The Father is very specific as to the order things are to be done. He is very consistent. And He keeps repeating to Moses, “I am the Lord your God.” Consistency and order can be missing many times in our world today. There is not a lot of follow through. A hand shake usually doesn’t seal a deal now; it’s not trusted. Also, so much of the world is in chaos. Chaos steals our peace and our joy.

Where am I going with all of this? It usually gets personal with me as I write this life out. I hope you don’t mind. From comments I get back, it seems many relate to much of what is written in the SAND Room. We are all in the same boat, aren’t we? Life is challenging. It can get crazy. We long to be faithful and obedient, as believers in Jesus Christ, but it’s a daily struggle. As I told a friend recently, it’s easier to write this than it is to live it. I want to hurry God up a lot of the time. I want to see instantaneous results to prayers. I’m very tempted to run ahead of God, thinking I have a better plan…a better way of getting things done. I have to stay in the Word. I have to be prayerful. I need trusted people around me who I can confide in when I start to get swept up into the ways of this world. It’s important to surround yourself with good, strong, believers in Jesus Christ—those who are daily in the Word—those who have a good relationship with the Savior, those who understand that obedience is more important than sacrifice. We need to spend time with people who don’t just talk about the weather, but talk about whether or not Jesus is first in our lives. We have to keep coming back to the Truth when the lies in this world try to drown us. It’s important to be in a church where the Gospel message is proclaimed weekly.

In our home, we have a lot going on, as do most of you. Some of those things are a divorce in the family, job loss, a need to move, death, a special needs child, to name just a few. Sound familiar? I’m sure your list can be this long and longer with your own situations. Where do we take all this stuff, and how long do we have to wait to see these things resolved? The answer is, as long as God plans for it to take, either on this earth or eternally in Heaven. Honestly, if we rush ahead of our Father, we will mess things up. To us, it seems like things take a thousand years sometimes, but to God, it is only a day. In our home, we are now getting some answers. My husband has started a new job this week. God has provided a larger home for the six of us so we won’t have four people operating out of one bedroom due to a divorce. We are seeing amazing progress in the life of our granddaughter, Maren, who struggles with Autism. As we walked through some of these things, it seemed God was taking so long. 2015 was a tough year. As we see them come together now in 2016, we see the perfect timing of our Father in Heaven. It takes life’s experiences to begin to understand how efficiently God operates. When we pray and wait on God, we can be amazed at how we serve a God of order.

Searching And Noticing the Divine plan in life doesn’t seem to come naturally. Rushing ahead of God, living in chaos, and worrying ourselves to death is almost a knee-jerk reaction to most of us. When Jesus taught His disciples in Mark 9:31-32, He said to them, “The Son of Man is going to be betrayed into the hands of men. They will kill him, and after three days he will rise.” Jesus knew the order of things, and He trusted His Father with the Divine plan in it all. Not fun. Not easy. But necessary—as is much of life, isn’t it? Let’s help each other remember Who is God, and who is not. This life really does work better that way.

“I am the Lord your God.” Leviticus 23:43 (NIV)