Why Wait?

Waiting…it’s not much fun at all. But if we have prayed a lot of prayers, we have probably found out that “Wait” is most often God’s immediate answer to us. We shouldn’t be surprised by it, but we are. We usually wonder why we have to wait?! Can’t it just happen NOW! Most times, God’s “Yes” or “No” comes later.

We prayed for years that our son would be healed from Leukemia. We were definitely in waiting mode, and then our answer came on November 14, 2001. The answer was “No.” There would be no earthly healing for our child, but there would be a Heavenly one. It’s not the answer we would have liked, but it was one that Phil asked for. On his last evening here on earth, Phil said, “I don’t want to do this anymore.” He said, “It’s too hard.” Phil asked me if we could ask God. We did…he only waited three hours and then Phil got a “Yes” answer from God. For him there was no more pain, and no more tears!

Some prayers answered with a “Wait” are answered “Yes”! Just this last year, our oldest son waited for an answer at his work. He had requested a raise. It seemed the answer was a strong, “No!” It was very disappointing for him and his wife as he tries to support his family of five on one income. We wanted to be encouraging in the process, but it was hard to watch him in his struggle thinking God’s answer was “No.” Then, when it was least expected, our son got called into the VP’s office. Not only would the raise be given, it was more than he had expected, and it came with a promotion! God had given His final answer. It was an emphatic, “YES!” We just had to wait for it!

Usually there is a good reason why we have to wait for the answer, even if we don’t understand. After moving out of our RV recently, and needing furniture for every room, I couldn’t understand why the last piece we needed, a headboard, was so hard to find. God had provided everything else so easily. I searched and prayed, and then the day came when it seemed I had found what might work. On a dark, rainy night, when we would have rather stayed home, we took our very large truck out to look at the headboard. We were trying to keep the batteries charged while searching for a buyer. It had towed our RV. When we arrived at the home where the headboard was located, we were met by the owner. As we climbed down out of our huge truck, he asked if we were there for the headboard? And then he said, “I’ve been looking for a truck just like this to buy.” Long story short, we bought his headboard, and the very next night, he bought our difficult-to-sell truck!! God had a great purpose in mind while waiting for our headboard.

When Searching And Noticing the Divine, waiting is not easy most times. But when God’s answer does come, we can trust that He has a good reason for everything He does.

In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning
I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.

Psalm 5:3