When Not To

When are we not to read the Word of God? Maybe a day ago, I might not have been able to answer that question. It seems every time is a good time to be reading our Bibles. But as I sat at the kitchen table this morning, having my coffee and reading some Scripture, there came a time to stop. Why might that be? Because my grandson was talking to me, and he was SO excited to be telling me about his toys! I had to stop and pay attention. I could sense God telling me to. It seemed God was saying that was the best way I could worship Him in that moment.

What does our Father want us to do? Love Him, and love others. It came to me—what might my grandson say in future years about seeing his Oma sitting at the table in the morning reading her Bible? Would he be glad I did that? Or would he say, “My Oma was always more interested in reading her Bible than me?” I want Cooper to know how important he is to me. He knows how important God is to me. But he also needs to know God’s love through me toward him. So, we talked about his favorite toys for quite some time. I would ask him questions, and he would run and get others to show me, and I would ask him more questions about them. After a while, he looked at my open Bible sitting there, and he said something like, “Only God could be smart enough to write all those words.” Then he asked me about the other writing on the page. He was a little bewildered by the notes I had made in my Bible. Being a child, I’m sure he thought I shouldn’t be writing in a book. Isn’t that what he was taught? I gently explained to him why I write in my Bible—why I underline, and circle things. He seemed to comprehend what I was saying. He is only six.

I had the Bible opened up to James, and we talked about that being his daddy’s name. And since that is also his Bedstefar’s (Grandpa’s) name, he began to tell me how every daddy’s name is James. Oh, to be a child again, and for life to be a simple thought process. I explained that there are other daddies in the family with different names, like Vincent, Dean, and Roy. I think it is hard for a child to imagine that their parents and grandparents even have other names. I reminded him again that my name is Diane. He always looks at me puzzled when I tell him that. I’m sure it just doesn’t seem right. I’m Oma to him.

Searching And Noticing the Divine this morning was noticing what God was asking me to do. He wanted me to lay down His Word, and be His Word to my grandson. Interestingly enough, when we were done talking about Cooper’s toys, we talked about the power of God by sharing a childlike time in the Bible together—all those words…God is smart…why make notes…and the names of daddies besides James. God had a plan all along. I just needed to go with it, and see what it was. How many times do we make our own plans, have a schedule of events laid out before us, and fail to follow the plan of God into His exciting exchanges between others and us? Lord, help us listen and follow You with a childlike faith. Sometimes not reading Your Word, but being Your Word, helps us learn even more about who You are in our lives.

And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little
children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever
takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.”

Matthew 18:3-5