What Does God Sound Like?

What does God sound like when He speaks to us? Isn’t that the age-old question we all want to know the answer to? I can’t tell you exactly what God sounds like, but I can tell you what it looks like when we do hear Him and obey Him by sharing this story with all of you. Maybe this will help all of us recognize the sound of God’s voice just a bit better.

Our middle son, Chris, has a great job! He is a Journeyman Plumber in San Francisco. If you’re going to be in the union, that is the one to be in! It truly helps him support his family of five here in the Bay Area where things are not cheap! I say we pay for our weather here! It’s beautiful. But it’s costly!! Chris was at work on Tuesday, as usual, but something was gnawing at him. His wife, Holly, was headed to a funeral service for her Dad’s brother. Chris works hard, and is dedicated. He had recently taken some time off for an illness, and also needed Wednesday off to be at the hospital, where their little five-year old was having tubes put in her ears. He fully planned on working Tuesday, instead of going to the funeral. That is, until the voice of God overrode Chris’ plans.

As Chris worked, it seemed like he was in the wrong place. It truly felt that he needed to be with Holly at the funeral. It was a hard call…he knew his boss wasn’t going to be too happy. But Chris knew deep inside what he needed to do. After a couple hours of work, he spoke with his boss and explained the situation. His boss didn’t want him to leave the job with the pressing deadline they had to meet, but he relented that Chris really did need to go.

When I returned to Chris and Holly’s house with their children on that Tuesday, after picking them up from school, Chris was not there, and I wondered why. I thought he would have returned from work by then. I was a bit puzzled as to what had changed. I found out he had gone to the service. When Chris told me later what had happened, and how it had all turned out just the way it was supposed to, I was so proud of him. In fact, I just sent him a message on his phone, this morning. It read, Loved hearing how God spoke to you about the service on Tuesday. If you wonder what the Holy Spirit sounds like when He is prompting us to do something, that is how. And you listened and were obedient, and it was a great blessing. It makes me so happy to know you hear the voice of God and do what He is asking.

When Searching And Noticing the Divine in our day, we have to remember what we learned in Kindergarten. We have to put our listening ears on so we can hear our great Teacher speak to us! We can complicate it if we want to. But when we just listen, and obey, we will get to know what God sounds like. Those steps of faith are rewarded with true contentment.
“Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.” 1 Samuel 3:9