Unexpected Guest

When we open the doors of our home, we never know who might walk through them. It was time to have all the ladies from my Bible study come to the “Ark.” That is our new home, and we call it that because of a dream I had before we found this home. It was a dream about a boat, with many levels. I wondered if it had been about the new home we were searching for. We needed a larger place to live, and God led us to this home—a two-story home with wood floors, and not a stitch of carpeting. Just like the deck of a boat. We moved in on a sunny day, and seven days later it started to rain. Just like when Noah and his family entered the ark. We had to chuckle!

The ladies from my Bible study prayed us into this home. They traveled that journey with us on our search, and that is why it was only right to open the doors, invite them in, and fellowship with one another here, giving thanks for all that the Lord has done. We were able to sit on the back deck, and do just that. This took place on a Wednesday, when most children were in school. I did get an email from one of our ladies, telling me she was not going to be able to make it. Her son, about age ten, was going to be home from school that day—not sick, just a day off for the teachers. I quickly responded that he was welcome to be here. The “Ark” is large enough for all. Her son quietly sat in the living room working on his homework during our Bible study time. We barely knew he was here except for introductions when they first arrived. As they came into our home, she introduced her son…Noah. Oh really?! God, You are so funny!

As I read the Word, I think about the characteristics of our Father in Heaven, and all the different emotions we go through. I don’t think of God as an angry God, but in reading the Old Testament, God does get angry. In 2 Kings 17:18 it says, “So the Lord was very angry with Israel…” God’s anger is mentioned many, many times in the Bible. We shouldn’t be surprised when we get angry. There is a time for righteous anger. Nor should we be surprised when humor and laughter come into our lives, or sadness, or all the other emotions we can feel. We were created in the image of God. We share all the emotions He exhibits in His Word. As difficult as this life can be, it is also good to experience the fun God can have with us while searching for Him in our days. This young man could have had any name, but he didn’t. His name was Noah. And he joined our group of ladies that day in the “Ark” as the perfect addition. What’s an ark without a Noah?

Searching And Noticing the Divine can lead us on amazing adventures in this life. We don’t want to miss them. We don’t want to miss what our Divine Father in Heaven is doing. We don’t want to miss what He did through His one and only Son, Jesus Christ. We want to be still and know that He is God. He is in control of all things, even those who will enter through our front door and into our lives. We want to be able to laugh with our God, and cry with our God. We want to be able to give thanks to our God, and give Him our heartache, too. We want to be able to sit with Him, walk with Him, sing with Him, and laugh with Him. This is the richness of life. Life without our Father in Heaven wouldn’t be much of a life at all. But with Him, it can be all He designed it to be.

When everything was ready, the Lord said to Noah,
“Go into the boat with all your family, for among all the people of the earth,
I can see that you alone are righteous.”
Genesis 7:1 (NLT)