I wake this morning in a bed I don’t own. I look out at a spectacular view that I didn’t create. I enjoy a coffee maker that I didn’t buy. I sit by a fire that I didn’t build. And I thank a God that I haven’t seen, but One who has given me all these gifts and so many more. My heart is full to overflowing, and I know as I read His Word that this is all small potatoes compared to everything He has waiting for those who love Him.

I did nothing to deserve what I am enjoying today, except for one thing…I got to know someone. I made a friend years ago, and she has brought me here to Tahoe. It’s only because of who I know, not because of what I know. It’s only because of time spent with someone else, not because I worked so hard to earn these things. I watch the sunrise over the mountains glistening on the lake, and I am thankful as I look out on what God designed. And I realize that nothing here even compares to what is to come for those who believe in the eternal life our Father in Heaven has offered us through His Son, Jesus Christ.

How do we gain the things of Heaven? How do we live in the beauty our Father has waiting for us? How do we attain all the things our heart’s desire, but are so far out of reach? We believe. We can’t work for the things of Heaven. We just have to believe they are there waiting for us. We can’t earn our eternal rewards. We just have to open up our hearts and receive them. We can’t build our Heavenly Home…it’s beyond the reach of our hands here on earth, and what our minds can fathom. We just have to enter into a friendship with our Savior, and watch what happens!

When I think back on the simple beginnings of many of my friendships, I could not have known where those relationships would take me…emotionally, spiritually, and literally physically to many different locations. I met my friend Aimee, the one who brought me to this lakeside home, at a women’s retreat where we were put in a small group together. Then later we simply got up to go to the restroom at the same time, and stood in line next to each other. It started out with a simple conversation, and it has brought me here today to bask in things I do not deserve, but am able to enjoy because we are friends. “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness,” and he was called God’s friend.”
James 2:23 (NIV)

In Searching And Noticing the Divine this morning, I gazed out the window at the morning’s sunrise while lying in a big soft bed. I like to joke with my husband in times like these that, “This is the life to which I am accustomed.” But in reality, when I sent my Mom a picture of the view out my window a few days ago, she said, “Not bad for a poor little country girl.” I know I am in a place that someone else worked hard for. Because of that, it reminds me that Jesus worked hard for us too, dying on the Cross so that we could have an eternal home in Heaven. Our friendship with Jesus holds so much more than any earthly blessings ever will. Our Lord has gone to prepare a place for us beyond our wildest dreams…if we will simply call Him Friend! Heaven will be undeserved. But it doesn’t matter; it’s still ours when we believe. If you don’t know Jesus as your Friend just yet, it can begin with a simple conversation, and grow into something beyond your imagination. Just say, “Good morning, Jesus. I want to get to know You. Can we start today?”