The Luggage Rack Man

Have you ever had a time in your life when you knew God had set up a perfect scenario for His will to be done, and yet you missed what He was asking you to do? I sure have, and I’m going to share one with you here today.

I was on an airplane flying to Florida. We had a stopped in Las Vegas on the way, and that’s where it got interesting. When we were just about ready to take off, we got word that all the radar on the west coast had gone down. Planes were grounded, and those flying in were diverted to Arizona. We had no idea how long we were going to be there, so I exited the plane to recharge my phone. I noticed a man on the gangway charging his phone, and realized there were plugs there, so I joined him, and we chatted. He shared with me that he was flying to Orlando to be with his father who was having surgery for cancer. When we reentered the plane, I told him that I would be praying for his dad. He thanked me for that. So far, so good, right?

On the rest of the flight I continued to pray for this man’s dad, and for the whole family, knowing what a difficult time it was for all of them. I wanted to talk with him again in Orlando, if possible, and “I thought” the luggage rack area would be a good place. As we headed to the tram that would take us to the terminal, I saw him coming towards me. Then he was standing right next to me, and when we entered the tram we were so close to each other that our luggage was bumping each other…that’s when God gently whispered that now would be a good time to let him know you have been praying for him. Out of a couple hundred people on the plane, God put him right next to me for our little tram journey. But did I listen to God’s prompting? No, I didn’t. I had my own idea of when would be a good time to let him know I was continuing to pray for his dad. We then got to the terminal, and he moved back so I could exit ahead of him, and then he got off! He headed out at a breakneck speed, pulling his two pieces of carry-on luggage behind him…and I knew then that I had missed my opportunity to talk with him again…he was gone, not going to the luggage area to retrieve anything. What did I have to do then? Repent and ask for God’s forgiveness for my disobedience in this matter, and then receive that forgiveness, which is usually the hardest part. Disobedience is not a good feeling…I have felt it before, but I hope with future “assignments” I will continue the process of getting better at this. God gave me another opportunity at the end of my time in Florida to put my obedience to the test again. That time, I wasn’t going to miss it! I acted in obedience! I will share that part of the story in the next SAND Room writing.

On this day suffice it to say, that when Searching And Noticing the Divine, sometimes we miss what the Divine is doing because we are busy doing our own thing. But God loves us so much, He will always offer us His forgiveness, and give us other opportunities to serve Him with a repentant heart! Stay tuned…