The Gift

My friend, Lori, was boarding a plane to fly to L.A. This trip was not all fun and games, although she was going to see her mom for her birthday. But her mom is also dealing with some health issues which were going to be addressed. Lori noticed a young woman sitting on the floor in the airport. She wore a big bow imprinted on her shirt. When Lori boarded the plane, the young woman sat across the aisle and up one row. During the flight the young woman was not feeling well. Lori prayed for her. It was then that she heard God tell her to give her the cross necklace she was wearing—a special necklace which had been a gift to her on her birthday. Now, many want to know, as Lori’s mom did later on in the visit, just how do you hear God tell you that? Lori questioned whether what she heard was from God, too. So she asked God a number of times to help her know, because, honestly, she didn’t want to give her necklace away.

Lori was reading The SAND Room, Volume 1 on the plane. She turned the page while asking God for a confirmation and there she saw the story called, “Blessings.” God was speaking again, because the necklace she was wearing was called Blessed. Still, Lori hesitated. And then, through the window, the sun broke through. There was such a bright light coming into her window that she felt like it was the only window on the plane it was shining through. Lori had taken the necklace off in preparation for giving it away. But Satan started lying to her--“She’s not going to want your used necklace.” Lori recognized that as the voice of the enemy. She was doing battle, right there in her seat between good and evil. When the plane landed, the young woman got off first, and Lori thought she had lost her. Maybe she would be able to keep her necklace after all? Lori, being unfamiliar with the airport, turned right instead of left and ended up going to a dead end by the bathrooms. She stood there, looking at her phone, texting her mom. Then she noticed the young woman with the bow on her shirt standing right there next to a Christmas tree. Lori knew what she had to do. It was time. She started in, stammering a bit, nervous, but being obedient, explaining to the woman that God had asked her to give her the necklace. Since it was a cross necklace, she said she didn’t know what she believed, or if this meant anything to her. The young woman received it gladly, saying that she was going to Disneyland for the first time since her Grandma had died, and it was very hard for her. Lori doesn’t really even remember what was said after that, but the gift had been given. Lori left with a great peace in her heart through her obedience. Truth be told, that necklace would probably have felt like a huge weight, a millstone around her neck, if she had kept it at that point. Disobedience is very uncomfortable.

Searching And Noticing the Divine can come in pieces. Lori said there were so many times leading up to this event that she had looked at the clock and it would read 6:09. She wondered why? The necklace had been a birthday gift, and Lori’s birthday is June 9th. At the same time Lori was texting Mina, who had given her the necklace, to let her know she had given it away, Mina was at a luncheon and she had just opened a card that said, “Go do a random act of kindness.” As Mina said, “Lori was already on it!” The story “Blessings,” that Lori was reading, was even about a birthday. It said, “Let’s allow God to work through us to bless others! It could very well be a day that will be noticed for the rest of their lives!” We are truly blessed to have a Savior who loves us and guides us through life like this. He meets us in our heartbreaks, and offers us all the gift of eternal life and joy. Jesus is the reason for the season! To finish these Divine events, Lori’s mom ended up giving her a cross necklace that had been a gift to her.

Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly,
and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.
2 Corinthians 9:6 (NIV)