Thank You, Lord!

Down to the minutest detail!! That’s the first thought that came to me as I begin to share this story with you. It’s not only that God knows us down to the minutest detail, it’s that He even cares about all those tiny details! It baffles my mind! Here’s what happened…

A good friend invited me to a wonderful Christmas dinner put on by her church. There were beautiful tables set by all the women, each in their own design. There was a raffle, an inspirational speaker, and wonderful fellowship. The evening not only included one of my favorite singers, but also a dessert buffet that would make anyone drool…especially people like me who would always eat dessert before any meal. I LOVE dessert!

Upon arrival, we bought our raffle tickets, met a few of the ladies, and browsed the dessert buffet, wetting our appetites for what we would enjoy later. I quickly spotted the dessert that I would like most! Did I mention that all these desserts were homemade by the women in the church? I was tempted to just take my selection back to the table right then…I mean, why wait? I was here now. I could just save it for after the dinner. But I resisted the “temptation,” and quietly and empty-handedly made my way back to my seat.

The dinner began, and so too, the music. Besides dessert, the musical part of the evening was what I was most excited about. But here’s what happened. We were one of the very last tables to be served, which meant that when we were just getting our meal, many of the tables were already filing over towards the dessert buffet, and the line got longer and longer and longer! It got so long that it started to wind its way through the middle of the room, with women standing in front of the stage where Staci Frenes had started to sing. As I finished my meal I had a choice to make…do I add to the long line, or do I just sit and enjoy Staci? It seemed best that I just sit, and let the desserts go to whomever. I could live without what I had spotted. It wouldn’t be the end of the world…and I wanted to honor Staci by staying seated and giving her my attention. And do you know what God did? He honored me by having the very dessert that I had had my eye on hand delivered to me by our table hostess. I couldn’t believe it! As I sat there thinking, “Someone has to be last in line, I’m choosing to be that person,” she walked up to our table with a small sampling of the desserts that she and others had been in line for, and offered me my choice. And there it was! The very dessert I wanted most…a very yummy rice crispy treat, flavored with peanut butter, and covered in a thick, chocolate frosting! She had no idea that she was the Hands of God making a delivery. It wasn’t just a dessert, but it was the “desire of my heart” dessert that God alone knew about.

Now, you may be thinking, this is such a small thing, why do you even share it? Because, when Searching And Noticing the Divine each day, this is usually how God shows up. We can see our Father’s HUGE love for us in so many little ways! In the grand scheme of life, this is nothing! But to God, it is something, because He takes pleasure in loving on His children!

I will thank you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done. I will be filled with joy because of you. I will sing praises to your name, O Most High.
Psalm 9:1-2