Let’s Take a Walk!

It is a beautiful day here in Northern California, in the high 60’s, and sunny. I have been in the house a lot in the past week, working on some things. Today, it seemed God was encouraging me to take a walk. I put my shoes on, got my sunglasses, and headed out the back door for the Iron Horse Trail. We are blessed to have this magnificent paved trail right by where we live. It stretches far north and south of here, and it is a favorite place for cyclist and walkers/joggers of all ages. On the weekends, it’s practically a “traffic jam” out there! Today, it was quiet, being that it is a Monday afternoon.

As I started out, I wondered where I would meet God along the trail. I was discussing some things with Him, and I was glad the trail was pretty empty so no one could hear me talking to “myself” as I walked along. I have heard we can’t fight a thought with a thought…we need to speak things out of our mouth, so it goes into our ears, and then enters our head to renew our mind. That is what I was doing! It was fun to be out in the sun, and searching for God’s divine presence today. Of course, He was in the cotton-candy clouds, far off green hills, and wild flowers along the path. But I wondered if I’d get a new SAND Room writing on my walk. God didn’t disappoint me! I did! Here it is!

When I got about 20 minutes down the trail, I entered into a part of the trail that goes through the city. There were some benches there. I decided to sit a spell. That’s when I realized there was a thrift store right next to me. Uh oh!! I should have listened when it passed through my mind to bring some cash before I left the house. My pockets were empty… But I decided to go take a look in the thrift shop anyway.

My husband, Jim, had been asking me to find a piece of material for the train layout he’s working on. Wouldn’t you know it! I found the perfect thing for him! It was only $5.00! What a deal! I went to the counter to ask if they could hold it for me! I figured I could walk the 20 minutes back home, get some cash, and be right back. They told me they don’t hold items, and they were closing in 15 minutes. They were very nice about it. But still, the answer was, “No.” That’s when “God” showed up. A lady who was shopping heard my predicament, and offered to loan me the $5! Was I ever happy!! She didn’t know me from Adam, but she trusted me just the same. It wasn’t a lot, but it meant a lot to me! She was, “... rich in good works and generous to those in need, always being ready to share with others. 1 Timothy 6:18 (NLT)

I went out on a Searching And Noticing the Divine walk today, and enjoyed noticing God’s provision - both in finding what Jim needed, and meeting a generous person who was there at the right time to help me out! Whenever you seek him, you will find him. (2 Chronicles 15:2) I’m kind of glad I neglected to take money with me today…it allowed me to see God’s provisional blessings! That was probably on His path all along!