I Have A Story To Tell You

I love it when someone pulls up a chair next to me and says, “I have a story to tell you.” This happened to me at a family gathering recently. I warned the person that these types of conversations usually get written about. She still decided to tell me the story. So here it is…her name will be changed to protect the innocent, although there’s nothing really to protect. It’s just a sweet story of God’s goodness in our lives.

Nancy, as I’ll refer to her here, sat down next to me and began to tell me about the church she and her husband are currently attending. They are not sure they want to stay where they are, but mostly what Nancy was longing for was a Sunday night service to attend. It is something she has been used to with her Baptist past, and she wanted to get back to that way of worshipping God. She prayed for God to help her find such a service.

After church, on a recent Sunday, her family decided to go get some coffee. Upon entering this well-known coffee shop, she found only one table available. It was a long table that would accommodate her family, but a gentleman was already seated there. She asked him if he would mind if they joined him. He said that was fine. She noted that he had an open Bible, some study material and a laptop with him. She asked him if he was preparing for Bible study. He said he wasn’t, but that he was a pastor preparing for his Sunday night service. This, of course, piqued her interest, so she asked him a little bit about it and where his church was. He was happy to tell her about it, and then after coffee, they all parted ways.

Nancy mentioned to her husband upon leaving that she would like to attend his Sunday night service. Her husband was not interested, but he said he would drive her by the church so they could see where it was located. As they got closer, the area started to become very familiar, and she wondered if it could possibly be the very church where her husband’s dad had once been a pastor?—the church they had been married in, and where she had been baptized? Sure enough, when they found the church, it was the very same church. When they discovered that, her husband was very agreeable to attending the Sunday night service with her, and they have been going a couple of times a month ever since.

Searching And Noticing the Divine can happen when we’re not even searching, but simply willing to listen. I marveled at God’s goodness in answering Nancy’s prayer in such a sweet way. I love seeing what a personal Savior we have in Jesus—One who is always willing to listen to our prayers.

Such a high priest truly meets our need— (Hebrews 7:26 NIV)