Something so Small

When a tiny seed is planted in the ground, it can grow so tall! That is what happened right outside my bedroom window. I have hesitated to write about this, because it, too, is something so small. Is it really of any concern to anyone? Am I making more out of something than need be, or should I share? I guess the answer is, why not? What have we got to lose? You can take it or leave it, to suit yourself. Here’s the story:

Way back in February, my friend, Ann, brought be a beautiful potted plant. It had purple pansies and yellow daffodils…one of my favorite combinations of colors. She also included a packet of sunflower seeds. She said when the original flowers died off, I was to plant the sunflower seeds in the pot. They were supposedly mini sunflowers that might grow to about 12” tall. That’s what it said on the packet, at least.

Now, I’m not much of a gardener, and if weren’t for my dad living with us part time, I’m not sure any of these plants would have made it very long—let alone the seeds getting planted. But as the daffodils died off, my dad transplanted the pansies into my yard, and they are still looking great six months later. He also planted the sunflower seeds out there as well. This is where the Divine comes in, in case you were wondering!!

Those tiny seeds grew up to be over six feet tall. The sunflowers are not the huge ones I have seen at our kids’ house—these look more like extra large daisies. I know them well, because each morning for the last, almost two weeks now, I see at least five sunflowers out our bedroom sliding-glass door. They greet me each morning, almost smiling in at me as if to say, “Good morning! The Son is shining!” They are such a great joy to me when I wake up—they make me think of God. Of all the places they could have been planted in the yard, my dad chose this one spot. And of all the seeds that didn’t make it, a few did. And of those that did, the one right by my window is the one that now has five flowers blooming on it. Do we take these things for granted? I’d rather not. In a world that is hurting, with wars that are being fought, and hearts that are troubled, I believe we HAVE TO see God anywhere, at any time, as He watches over our lives—as He is watching over my life, in a way, through my bedroom window each morning.

While Searching And Noticing the Divine, sometimes we can overlook the smallest details that God is going to use to show us His love. I’m sure that many missed a lot of what Jesus was doing each day when He walked this earth. The Bible says, if it had all been written down, it would have filled many volumes. We can’t know those stories as yet. But we have been told that Jesus’ last Words on the Cross were, “It is finished.” We can rest in that fact—what He did for us is finished. Now, what we don’t want to miss is soaking in all the goodness Jesus is offering us each day until He comes back to take us Home to be with Him. Thanks for listening to this small, not so tall tale today.