She said, “No!”

Have you ever been tempted? What kind of a question is that? Of course, we all have. Well, I want to tell you a story about a friend of mine that simply amazed me with the simplicity and clarity in which God speaks to our hearts, “if” we are listening! I will try to be very sensitive to the nature of this story…

My friend, who I will call, “Mary,” lives in a foreign country. She moved back to her homeland for a bit. Her husband presently lives in the states, not yet able to leave his job. Mary LOVES to dance. She told me she loves to dance the way I love chocolate! That’s a big love! One night, recently, she was out in a pub with friends, and there was a lot of dancing going on. There was an old school friend there who I will call, “Bob.” Bob also loves to dance, so they danced together all night long, and Mary was having so much fun!! As the night wore on, there was a large flow of alcohol, and emotions started to run high! Bob suggested they move to a new pub to dance some more, so they did! Big mistake! Mary said she should never have moved on to a new place with someone who was not her husband!

I know I don’t need to fill in all the details of their conversation, but let’s just say it included some enticing offers. You see, Bob was recently divorced, and it seemed he was trying to fill a huge hole in his heart with Mary, instead of searching for God in his pain. Bob had been the one to introduce Mary to his church when she moved back home. Yes. They are both believers, but Bob hadn’t been going to church since his divorce.

At the end of the night, or should I say early morning hours, it was time to go home. But to whose home would they go? Bob and Mary walked along, as she pushed her bike. (very European) When they got to Bob’s door, he asked Mary in. Mary said, “No.” She told Bob she could not join him out of respect for her husband. And she continued on home. But Mary was floating. It felt like love! It had been such fun! Should she text him? Should she call him? She did neither. The next day a simple question from her sister brought her back to her senses. Her sister asked, “Did Bob walk you home?” Mary said, “No.” It was then that a light went on in the darkness! Bob had not even cared enough to keep her safe in the wee hours of the night! When Mary did see Bob on the street a few days later, they casually greeted one another, and went on their way. Oh, how the enemy could have lured them into his trap, and turned Mary’s whole world upside down!! Thankfully, her walk with Christ was stronger than her walk home to Bob’s door!

When Searching And Noticing the Divine, let’s always notice who it is we are walking with. God will surely lead us safely home; the enemy will only lead us to his trap!

Do not let sin control the way you live; do not give in to its lustful desires.
Romans 6:12