Sea Turtles

It was soon to be my young friend, Kendra’s, birthday, so I was on the hunt for something she would enjoy. I spotted a glass with a sea turtle on it. I knew she liked turtles, so I bought it and wrapped it up for her special day. Little did I know what God had planned!

I’d like to give you a little history about my relationship with Kendra. She is actually our youngest son, Phil’s, friend. They had a very special relationship in their teenage years. Kendra is now 29 and Phil is in Heaven. They spent many happy hours together skiing, swimming, watching movies, etc… all the things teenagers do. Kendra was always a faithful friend to Phil. She was able to fly out to California from Florida six months before God took Phil Home to Heaven. He was fairly healthy at that time, and they enjoyed a day at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and other adventures. Don’t tell the law, but I actually took the two of them over to a large parking lot, got out of my convertible Mustang, top down, and let Philip behind the wheel. He and Kendra cruised around the parking lot at about ten miles per hour, as happy as larks. Phil was 15 at that time. That was as close as they got to being on a date together, but dating was not really a part of their relationship. They were just very, very good friends through the years, having met in Germany when both of our families lived there.

On my most recent visit to Florida, Kendra was in town with her husband and daughter, Mia. They had driven down from North Carolina. One evening we all took a trip out to the port to see if any of the cruise ships were heading out. My friend, Deb, took her granddaughter, Mia, to the playground. Kendra and I started to walk out on the long pier…Kendra was in search of sea turtles. “How appropriate is this,” I thought, since I was waiting to give Kendra her birthday gift. God blessed us with not just one sea turtle spotting, but three or four. It was hard to tell if they were different ones, or just a couple of the same ones coming up for air by the rocks, as the waves crashed against them. What a treat it was, to share this special time with Kendra! She misses her buddy, Phil, who took her cruising in the parking lot that day. But God still allows the two of us cherished times together all these years later.

Kendra’s birthday was the next morning after seeing the sea turtles. When she unwrapped her gift she was so surprised! She thought maybe I had gone out late that night and found the glass! Nope!! That was all in God’s design! I have to believe God wanted our pier stroll to always be a walk to remember, so He blessed it with His perfect gifts!

Searching And Noticing the Divine can be so much fun when we see God going ahead of us as we shop, walking beside us as we search, and being there with us when He surprises us with His goodness each day! Yes, the Lord pours down his blessings.Psalm 85:12 (NLT)