Stories from the SAND Room™

Penny from Heaven 02/04/2017 I thought of what it says on the penny – “In God We Trust.”
Seed of Faith 01/14/2017 God is planting seeds of faith in us, and helping them grow so we can find our true freedom in Christ.
Notes in Life 01/07/2017 Jesus knew when He grew weary to get away and rest. Should we do any less in our own lives?
Not Coincidences 12/26/2016 God is a God of order, not of confusion.
A Tiny Rudder 12/18/2016 Let’s practice letting God’s voice, through His Word and His Holy Spirit, be the One to carefully guide us.
What’s Important 12/11/2016 Our Father in Heaven is the best writer of all because He wrote the true story of His Son, Jesus, and told us what He was fishing for…us.
The Right Seat 12/04/2016 Thy will be done, as God works out everything in our lives for the good of those who love Him.
Gentle Nudging 11/20/2016 Is it about following rules? Not so much. It is about God wanting to protect us, to bless us, and to teach us His way, and His way is through His Son, Jesus Christ.
The Morning After 11/09/2016 Let’s get our hope, our vision, and our peace from the Bible.
Opposite Sides 11/06/2016 Our Father wants us to know that with Jesus, we already have the Victory, so we might as well relax and enjoy the game.
Uncorrected Errors 10/30/2016 Just as we should want our home to function as best it can when raising children, we should also desire that the family of God brings all the glory and honor possible to our Father in Heaven.
Practicing 10/23/2016 When Jesus returns, we want to be among those He will call faithful.
Book Day 10/16/2016 We can keep on keepin’ on down that road of faith, because our God is greater, and our God is stronger than anyone!
When Not To 10/08/2016 Sometimes not reading Your Word, but being Your Word, helps us learn even more about who You are in our lives.
90-10 10/02/2016 By opening the Word of God, searching through what’s written there, and noticing how much we are loved by our Savior, the Divine will speak to us anytime, anywhere, and about most anything.
Thirsty 09/25/2016 Our Savior, Jesus Christ, is the Well of eternal life where we experience the Holy Spirit flowing in our lives.
Freakish 09/10/2016 God knows each hair on our head. He knows our every need. And most importantly, our Father in Heaven wants us to know His Son, Jesus Christ.
A Purse 09/03/2016 God knew what she would need…and He spoke to my heart about it.
Watch for God 08/27/2016 Being fully devoted to time in the Word, prayer, fellowship, and obedience, we and those around us will see Him.
Redeemed 08/21/2016 I noticed how much God loves us, how we are valuable to Him.
Road Trip 08/13/2016 All the beauty we saw as we traveled around northern California doesn’t hold a candle to what Jesus blessed us with.
Used Car Salesman 08/06/2016 Searching And Noticing the Divine happens anytime, anywhere, with anyone… even while spending time with a used car salesmen.
Insurance 07/31/2016 In times like this, we can’t just talk about a physical condition—we need to talk about the condition of our soul.
Door Number Three 07/25/2016 If God wants us on a different course, He has ways of getting our attention.
Living Water 07/16/2016 Jesus calls us into a close relationship with Him for a reason. Jesus is the Living Water.
Greater is He! 07/10/2016 I experienced God overcoming what seemed unmanageable, and turning it around for His glory—not in our power, but in His.
What to Write? 07/02/2016 Stepping outside our comfy box can be scary.
Crash! 06/25/2016 Our Father in Heaven has it all covered. We just need to stand under His covering and Trust.
The Perfect Thing 06/18/2016 Jesus Christ is the sweet smell of Victory.
Not Abnormal 06/11/2016 God’s timing and His ways are so astounding.
Gifts 06/04/2016 The enemy would like us to focus on the negatives. Instead, let’s peer into the gift box full of surprises from our Father in Heaven, and rejoice.
Just As 05/29/2016 With faith in the Almighty, we can start to realize there is a greater purpose than what we might presently see.
Unexpected Guest 05/21/2016 Life without our Father in Heaven wouldn’t be much of a life at all. But with Him, it can be all He designed it to be.
God Bless You 05/15/2016 A simple, “God Bless you,” may give us away as being of like hearts for Jesus.
Loss 05/08/2016 We are to hold everything in this world with an open hand, while clinging tightly to our Lord.
Hedging Us In 05/01/2016 As God protects His children, He lovingly surrounds us with His goodness. He surrounds us with His love.
Time and Place 04/24/2016 My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ has brought me a far distance, and He will continue to be with me until I see Him face to face.
Roll-away 04/16/2016 Jesus gives rest to the weary on this earth, as well as forever more.
The Rose 04/09/2016 Never let the Good News He brought to us over 2,000 years ago dry up and fade away!
A Good Talking To 04/02/2016 The Fruit of the Spirit, like any other fruit, needs to be actively picked.
Making Lemon Pie 03/27/2016 Even sour things can become sweet—just as Jesus’ death on the Cross became our saving Grace.
Moving Day…Again? 03/20/2016 The Israelites followed a cloud by day and a fire by night. They moved when God moved.
And the Rain Came Down 03/13/2016 We need to pay attention, and get moving in our relationship with Jesus. There is no time to waste!
The Ark 03/05/2016 The most important thing to be ready for is the return of Jesus, wherever we are.
A God Of Order 02/22/2016 Let’s help each other remember Who is God, and who is not. This life really does work better that way.
What Are We Looking For? 02/13/2016 If we focus on the things of this world, it will constantly be raining on our parade.
Voice Of Authority 02/07/2016 Only Jesus, who died on the Cross for our sins, was perfect. Only He provided a way into Heaven through the shedding of His blood.
You Have a Plan 01/30/2016 We can trust the plans our Father has for us.
Rain Boots 01/24/2016 We won’t know complete joy until we are Home in Heaven with our Savior. But we can get a snippet of His eternal care and joy right here, right now, in so many ways.
Rejoice 01/16/2016 Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!
We’ll See God 01/10/2016 We have to be intentional about searching for the blessed Hope.
The Gift 12/20/2015 We are truly blessed to have a Savior who loves us and guides us through life. He meets us in our heartbreaks, and offers us all the gift of eternal life and joy.
Healing Touch 12/13/2015 We serve such a faithful, compassionate, and fun God! To God be the Glory!
The Key 12/06/2015 When we are focused on Jesus, we will then be ready to lead others who may not know Him to the wonder of His goodness and grace.
A Toothpick 11/29/2015 God has a plan in it all from before the beginning of time, and His plan includes His Son, Jesus. We have much to be thankful for!
A Dripping Faucet 11/22/2015 Let’s remember, God’s mercy is new every morning. The minute we say, “I’m done. Please forgive me,” God will.
Red Light 11/15/2015 With our Lord, Jesus Christ, there is no doubt how it is going to turn out when we have repented, and called on His name to save us.
No Title as Yet 11/10/2015 We have to give Jesus our heart, so that He can give it back to us, creating something new deep down inside.
The Stranger 11/01/2015 We never know where or when we are going to meet with “God.” Sometimes we get to be the encourager to others; sometimes others get to be the encourager to us.
Purpose 10/25/2015 When our name is written in God’s Book of Life in Heaven because of our faith in Jesus Christ, we know we will end up in the right place at the right time.
Sensitive 10/18/2015 We should be as sensitive to our Lord’s prompting, as my mother-in-law is to the traffic in her neighborhood.
Seriously? 10/10/2015 Searching And Noticing the Divine™ helps us replenish our supply of the Fruit of the Spirit.
Well Done 10/04/2015 I don’t want Jesus to say, “Your life was under-cooked. Your faith was limp. The power of the Holy Spirit in you was lukewarm.”
Our Helper 09/26/2015 Thank You, Jesus, for all You have done and continue to do in our lives!
Very Carefully 09/21/2015 Jesus died to give us so much. Let’s not be “indifferent to this great salvation that was announced by the Lord Jesus himself.”
SuperGod! 09/13/2015 All we can do when day is done is pray and give thanks for our Rescuer, our Savior, our Rock of Salvation, and our Healer.
A Simple Meal 08/30/2015 It may seem too simple, but God’s Truth is not complicated. It’s direct, efficient, and all sufficient.
Five Minutes 08/22/2015 The Divine, our Lord, is searching for those of us willing to notice those in our path and reach out to them.
Happy Birthday 08/16/2015 We can celebrate each little thing with our eyes on our very big God!
Freedom! 08/09/2015 The wisdom found in God’s Word can also keep our head from spinning when it seems the world is going crazy all around us. We have much to appreciate!
Serve or be Served 08/01/2015 We have to be carried in the strong and forgiving arms of our Savior, Jesus. As hard as that might be to be served in that way, it has to be. It is humbling. It is amazing. It is priceless.
The Broken Plate 07/24/2015 Our Father wants to rescue us out of our brokenness, bond with us during that time, and let us know we are His most cherished possession.
Two Friends 07/19/2015 I love how God brings people together to form new friendships, and further His Kingdom here on earth.
Indecision 07/12/2015 The least we can do is walk this life out following in Jesus’ footsteps, trusting that where the Holy Spirit leads is where we are meant to be!
God Prevails 07/04/2015 God prevails, even in 2015, and He always will!
What To Do? 06/28/2015 If we truly call ourselves a child of God, let’s learn to be obedient children to our Father in Heaven.
It Comes Around 06/20/2015 Our Father and His plans are what make the world go 'round. Let's continue on this eye-opening ride through life with Him until Jesus returns.
Full of Hot Air 06/13/2015 Sometimes those who hurt us do not know what they are doing, but we are called to live like Christ and forgive.
Who’s Doing the Waiting? 06/07/2015 When it starts to rain down in this world, we don’t want to be left standing on the outside of the safety of our Savior.
Confident Expectation 05/24/2015 God’s Word is full of Hope, and this life is full of examples of how God wants us to live in the Hope of Jesus each day.
Right or Left? 05/24/2015 When our flesh wants to give up, to quit, and go the wide easy road, let's resist that temptation and choose the narrow path that leads us straight into our Savior's arms of grace.
Divine Meeting 05/16/2015 We serve an amazing God who is involved in the intimate details of our lives.
Deo Volente! 05/11/2015 Deo Volente, Latin for God willing (abbreviated D.V.), should be in our daily prayers.
You’re Killing Me! 05/02/2015 When good things in life are stripped away, and it seems like we are being “handed over to death,” let it be Jesus we are left wearing!
Where’s the Beef? 04/23/2015 Hopefully we will start to see God everywhere, in everything—we will start to trust God more, and love Him more, because we will Notice how very much He loves us.
It Doesn’t Make Sense 04/19/2015 God doesn’t always make sense to us. But that doesn’t make God any less God.
From Rags to Riches 04/11/2015 Hard days can give us a tender heart of compassion for those so needing the Hope of a Savior when the enemy is out to kill, steal, and destroy anyone in his path.
In an Instant 04/03/2015 When all our eggs are in Jesus’ basket, we have found what we have been searching for—an eternal life in Heaven when this life is done. That is cause for a great celebration! He is risen! He is risen, indeed!
And the Beat Goes On 03/28/2015 Noticing Who it is that is behind the blessings in our day is what’s important.
Bitter or Better 03/22/2015 Our Father knows how it turns out for our good when we love Him, just like the horror of the Cross turned out for our good because Jesus loves us.
The Perfect Ending 03/15/2015 As long as we are looking for God in the details of our lives, we WILL see Him. He is always there.
The Sweetest Thing 03/07/2015 When we have a season in life that isn't going so great we need to hang in there. We never know when the kindness of our God will make the long season well worth it.
Stop and Smell the Roses 03/01/2015 On days when things are tough, and we need a friend to pray for us, taking the time to appreciate the love of God on display in the world He created has to please our Lord.
You Just Never Know 02/21/2015 You just never know… But Jesus does, and I know that Jesus will see them through whatever it is they now must face.
Our First Call 02/15/2015 Jesus is the only One who can save us. He is the only One who can bring us Home to Heaven.
Our Heart’s Desires 02/09/2015 Help us to notice more and more that Your ways are the best ways.
A Short Story 01/26/2015 Because there will be times within all those short stories that will teach us many helpful things about the love and care God has for His children, in season and out.
She asked, “Why?” 01/19/2015 Son-shine can still outweigh the darkness when we cling to Jesus like a little child!
Just What We Needed 01/10/2015 God provides in big and little ways. But even the little ways, are big to us when it is our personal need.
How Was Your Christmas? 01/03/2015 When we know Jesus as our Savior and Lord, we can truly rejoice in His birth!
He’s my Friend! 12/20/2014 Jesus came to this earth full of mercy, wanting nothing more than to give us all the personal touch of His love and forgiveness.
Christmastime 12/14/2014 Thank You, Jesus, for being the reason for the season for a reason!
Are We Really Alone? 11/30/2014 God is waiting for us to show up in our relationship with Him, so that Jesus can show up in our lives.
God’s Coloring 11/16/2014 We never know who is going to walk through the door of our lives and shine with Jesus’ Divine love.
Sweet Melancholy Memories 11/08/2014 Sometimes God has thoughtful surprises waiting for us—gifts we haven’t even asked for.
A Life Changed 11/02/2014 Jesus meets us there with His stories, and blesses and encourages us in so many ways.
A Sweet Woman of God 10/25/2014 When someone leaves this world for the next, it is good to take notice of what they have left behind, and what they have gone on to. It helps the hurting hearts here, when we can focus on what Jesus has waiting for us there.
Provided by God 10/18/2014 When we are willing to travel this life with God as our Pilot, we can notice so many of His provisions along the way.
I Have A Story To Tell You 10/12/2014 I love seeing what a personal Savior we have in Jesus—One who is always willing to listen to our prayers.
God Fills in the Blanks 09/14/2014 Searching And Noticing the Divine involves waiting expectantly every day.
What Are We Waiting For? 09/06/2014 When Jesus ascended back into Heaven, the Father sent the Holy Spirit to help us each and every day.
Restore Point 08/31/2014 I love the word "Restore," because isn't that exactly what God does for us through His Son, Jesus Christ?
Something So Small 08/23/2014 Sometimes we can overlook the smallest details that God is going to use to show us His love.
How Does That Happen? 08/17/2014 When Jesus ascended back into Heaven after His resurrection, He didn’t leave us alone.
The Union Hall 08/09/2014 Every step we take in life leads us to the next one, and the next, until it hopefully leads us right into the loving arms of Jesus.
Fresh Tomatoes 08/02/2014 It doesn't matter where we live, or what our need is, God loves to surprise us!
Wrap It Up Ugly 07/19/2014 Jesus didn’t end His life here on earth in a pretty way…
A Beach Towel? 07/05/2014 Let’s not be so quick to dismiss that voice in our head as our own.
A Hug and the Nail 06/29/2014 He searches the workers to see who is willing to tend to the harvest. Are we willing?
A Little Spit and Polish 06/20/2014 Car washes clean our cars, an upholstery cleaner spruces up our furniture—but what about us?
Sea Turtles 06/14/2014 He surprises us with His goodness each day!
The Blessings Of Obediance 06/07/2014 We might not always see the final results of our obedience when God is asking us to do something.
The Luggage Rack Man 06/01/2014 God loves us so much, He will always offer us His forgiveness, and give us other opportunities to serve Him with a repentant heart!
What Are Your Needs? 05/25/2014 Let’s focus on our eternal hope in Heaven and not take one single breath for granted!
Prove To Me That You Love Me 04/26/2014 How does a God, that we can’t see, prove that He loves us?
The Year Was… 04/19/2014 Many times we think God will never come through for us. But He always will, either on this side of Heaven, or the other.
The Very Reason 04/12/2014 It is important to share Divine moments with those who know us best—even Jesus had an inner circle with John, then James and Peter.
A New Perspective 04/05/2014 The enemy’s lies make it hard to truly believe what we have been offered through the blood of Jesus. But when we use the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Spoken Word (Rhema) of God, there will be amazing results!
Such A Little Thing 03/30/2014 My heart is grateful no matter how small the gift.
Is Your Gas Light On? 03/22/2014 Let’s take notice when things match up in a supernatural way. God is filling our hungry souls and helping us journey on!
Let’s Take a Walk! 03/15/2014 I went out on a Searching And Noticing the Divine™ walk today, and enjoyed noticing God’s provision in meeting a generous person who was there at the right time to help me out!
Whose Scent Are We Wearing? 03/09/2014 Every day can be garbage day! All we have to do to put the “cans” out is to open our hearts up to the Truth of God’s Word, and let it wash us white as snow!!
One Pair of Shoes 03/02/2014 If we are truly Searching And Noticing the Divine™ each day, I believe we will see God’s provisions more and more no matter what His answer is!
Gifts of Love 02/22/2014 When we are connected to the Body of Believers, we can see how God orchestrates each person’s spiritual gift to help and encourage one another!
Where’s Your Bible? 02/15/2014 When asked, “Where is your Bible?”, let’s make sure it is handy! From there, many lessons can be learned, and even passed on to future generations.
Pray and Wait 02/08/2014 Let's pray, and not walk away from the "Box Office" before God has a chance to answer our prayers.
My Bad! 02/01/2014 It’s easy to miss the Divine if we’re watching others and not paying attention to the Word.
What Do You See? 01/25/2014 Just as Jesus calmed the storm when in the boat with His disciples, He can be the calming force in hearts still today.
Undeserved 01/18/2014 Our Lord has gone to prepare a place for us beyond our wildest dreams…if we will simply call Him Friend!
We Prayed A Lot 01/11/2014 Friends can share divine moments together, and God grows friendships in this way.
The Open Door 01/05/2014 When we are called to obedience, it’s usually not easy, but it’s always well worth it!
Surprise! 12/28/2013 Am I ready and waiting for Jesus’ return?” He will come again, not to deal with our sins, but to bring salvation to all who are eagerly waiting for him.
Oh, Holy Night! 12/22/2013 Let it be Jesus that the world notices about us, at all times, and in all ways, as we honor His Holy Birth every single day!!
Dedicated to You, Jesus! 12/15/2013 What a waste of a day it can be if we leave the Divine at home when we venture out into the world that He created for us to enjoy!
Thank You, Lord! 12/07/2013 We can see our Father’s HUGE love for us in so many little ways!
Pray or be Prey! 11/30/2013 We will miss seeing a wonderful Divine plan for each day if we choose our own will over God’s
Offer Up a Prayer! 11/23/2013 Sometimes it’s the little things that show us how very BIG God’s love is!
Does God Care About Football? 11/16/2013 We should see God in all things, because He is always with us!
I Saw Jesus Today! 11/09/2013 We have to have our eyes open and looking for a heart like His in a world that isn’t.
One of the Devil’s Lies 11/02/2013 Our enemy is ruthless! He will take us down any chance he can get! We must diffuse his lies with the TRUTH!
What Does God Sound Like? 10/26/2013 We have to put our listening ears on so we can hear our great Teacher speak to us!
A Trip Home 10/20/2013 Noticing the Divine could be as close as a short walk to the corner church.
Being Guarded! 10/13/2013 God can use childish things to teach us very grown-up lessons of His love and protection in our lives!
Anything? 10/06/2013 The question is, are we willing to grow up enough to want to do anything our Father asks?
Divine Moments 09/29/2013 Our hearts should be searching for the Divine and His miraculous provisional moments!
She said, “No!” 09/21/2013 God will surely lead us safely home; the enemy will only lead us to his trap!
A GRAND-Parents’s Love 09/15/2013 Let’s not be so hard on ourselves! God’s love is amazingly patient!
Ready! Set! Go! 09/08/2013 It is SO important to not leave our homes in the morning, without seeking our Coach’s advice!
Blessings 08/31/2013 Let’s be a part of helping those who are searching for God, to find Him.
I’m Going Home! 08/25/2013 God brings so much more to this “game of life” than we give Him credit for!
Searching The Scriptures 08/17/2013 Being in the Word daily, knowing what it says, helps to safeguard us against being led astray by anyone, anywhere, at any time!
An Open Wound 08/10/2013 God is everywhere, and sometimes even showing Himself to us in miraculous ways!!
Why Wait? 08/04/2013 Waiting…it’s not much fun at all.
Intermingled 07/28/2013 God is helping us see how very good He is, compared to how very evil our enemy is.
What Have We Missed? 07/19/2013 God is our friend. God deserves our faithfulness.
God Opens Doors 07/14/2013 It is common in life, to have hopes and dreams for the future.
Looking Back 07/06/2013 Sometimes we’ll be more aware of God after He has just passed by.
It’s All Good 06/29/2013 We often hope for that one last glimpse of what’s been lost.
The Simple Things 06/20/2013 Pay particularly close attention to what you’re in need of!
The Lake 06/06/2013 We wait…and we wait…and we wait…wondering. Is God going to show up in our pain?
A Heavenly Treasure Hunt 05/27/2013 Ever gone looking for something and you can’t find it?
Even Jesus 05/18/2013 Even in the life of Jesus, we see God showing up.
The Boy and the Snake 05/05/2013 Snakes…not my favorite subject! So why do I start off this new series of writings with such a story?