Restore Point

Restore point…do we have one? Are we ready when things crash and burn, as they will. We live in a fallen world, things break down. Relationships break down, our health breaks down, sometimes our computers break down; as my husband’s did just last night. He said he thought the angels and demons were fighting over his computer. Why? It’s probably because we are in the process of publishing my first book about the things of God. Self-publishing is no joke, it is an arduous process. The writing part, for me, is easy in comparison. Yes, the living it out first is difficult—I would have nothing to write about if not for walking this life out with God, experiencing His help along the way, and then sharing it. But to take that from life, to written form, to book form, is a tough thing to do. It involves many, many, hours of computer time for Jim, because he is my techie. Because we have an enemy, Satan, we have experienced numerous attacks of many kinds, not the least of which is Jim’s laptop crashing last night. His whole operating system went out! But God was working ahead of us. Jim had things pop up on his computer just a few days before about having a “Restore Point.” He wanted to ignore the message. He was busy, but paid attention to it. So everything he had been working on, up to that point, was saved. That includes not only my book, that he’d also put on a flash drive, but tons of other information and projects that he has going on! Praise God!! God is working for us, not against us!!

I love the word “Restore,” because isn’t that exactly what God does for us through His Son, Jesus Christ? We come across many things in this life that can crash our “systems.” They can take us down. Our whole way of operating in this life can change in an instant. We can be paralyzed in an accident, our hearts can be broken, our marriages can dissolve, our children can go astray…the list is beyond endless. But when we walk this life out with Jesus, we always have a “Restore Point.” We can always begin again with Jesus. We are not lost with Him. God will use it all for our good. If we are wise, we will update our Restore Point every single day by being in the Word and prayer. This isn’t to say that what has happened will be reversed, but it is to say that Jesus can bring us through, into something new, when our foundation is firmly set in Him. Life may never look the same again, but that doesn’t mean it is over, it just means it has changed. Hopefully, those changes are more and more in the direction of Jesus and our eternal Home with Him.

I didn’t have to go far in Searching And Noticing the Divine today…it woke up beside me in the form of my husband saying, “Thank God I was reminded to set a Restore Point as recently as yesterday! My whole operating system crashed last night.” To that I say, Thank You, God, for reminding us that we need Your restoration every single day so we don’t lose all that You want to pour into us—Your power, Your strength, Your Hope, Your Saving Grace, and Your Love!! Amen!