Provided by God

Jim and I recently returned from a vacation trip to Tennessee. My brother moved his family from California to Tennessee, and many ask why? It doesn’t take but a few moments there at his home on the Tennessee River to realize why. It is such a peaceful, beautiful place. Why not?—would be the better question.

We traveled to Tennessee with my dad, who has suffered with Parkinson’s for almost 20 years now. He wanted to visit, but was really unable to because transporting him there and back for my mom would be much too great of a task at this point. Driving would be too far for her, and flying would be more than she could handle. With the two of us, Jim taking care of the logistics, and me taking care of the humanitarian, we had dad covered!

There are many things I could share about our trip, but that is not really the point of this story today. What’s on my heart are the ways that God shows up with His blessings when we are faced with challenges in life. Dad pretty much rolls with all that comes his way, and sometimes he rolls a little too much and ends up on the ground! He usually fares pretty well with the falls he takes, and keeps on moving. Dad goes along with whatever needs to be done to get him wherever we are planning to take him. Getting him onto my brother’s boat was an adventure in itself. Dad puts his total trust in God, and on this day he put some of that trust in us. We had about four of us lowering him down from the dock onto the boat. He had to relax and just lean back, and let us situate him onto the side of the boat—then swing his legs over and into his seat. He did it! And we were able to enjoy a day on the water, even taking the boat into the lock that raised us up to another portion of the river. It was quite the adventure, and dad went along, enjoying it all.

When our trip was winding down, the blessings continued as we drove to Nashville for our flight back to California. Booking a room online, we get to pick the star rating, and the price, but not the exact hotel or room. And God was so good to provide a large room, with even an extra living room space for dad to use as his private dressing room. It couldn’t have worked out better. And to end the trip in a most blessed way, when we pulled in to return our rental car, a large six-seater golf cart with a driver was right beside us. He was ready to take us to the terminal. It was like we had ordered it special, but we hadn’t! It saved us a very long walk pushing dad’s wheelchair and all the luggage.

Searching And Noticing the Divine sometimes comes with its challenges. But when we are willing to travel this life with God as our Pilot, we notice so many of His provisions along the way, as we did on this journey with dad. Abraham named the place Yahweh-Yireh (which means “the Lord will provide”). Genesis 22:14 (NLT)