Pray and Wait

As a writer, I love it when I’m having a conversation with someone and God gently whispers to me, “Listen.” I know something good is coming, and He wants me to pay close attention! That’s what just happened again tonight as I talked with my best friend on the phone. She is visiting her mom and sister, and we were talking about all the things friends talk about. I asked her how her trip went with her sister, and how the concert was? She said, “Did I tell you it was free?” I said, “No, you didn’t! How did that happen?” And that’s when God whispered, “Listen,” as she began to tell me this story…

Deb and her sister, Shirley, headed to Tulsa for a night away. They had high hopes of seeing Dwight Yoakum in concert, but things were not looking good. Not only was the Hard Rock Café Hotel completely booked for the night, so was Dwight’s concert there. Someone had told Shirley to call back and ask about any extra tickets, but when Deb did she actually got a very rude person on the phone telling her that there are no extra tickets…they don’t do things like that. Once a ticket is sold, it is out of their hands! That didn’t stop Deb from praying about it though. She simply asked God if He could please get them tickets.

Deb and Shirley booked a room across the street, and then headed to the Hard Rock. They arrived at the Will Call window and asked if there were any tickets left? There were not. But the lady did tell them to go to the Box Office and wait. She said she might have something left when everyone had gone in. Deb stood by the Box Office, and Shirley stood off at a distance, watching everyone enter into the concert. Others were asking at the Box Office for tickets, but none were to be had. So no one else waited around. Deb said she just stood there, quietly and patiently. They could hear the concert starting inside, and people were still streaming in. Two men came up to the Box Office and said that two tickets had been put aside for them by Dwight…they looked around, found two tickets in separate places and gave them to the men. Let’s just say their attitude was not one of gratitude, but more of rudeness…and in they went. Deb could hear a commotion about 15 people who had double-booked seats. After that was settled, it seemed all available tickets were finally gone. But God had other plans for Deb and Shirley. The person at the Box Office then simply handed over two tickets, seats together, and told them there was no charge, and with no explanation. Deb offered to pay, but was told once again, “They are free.” So the two sisters went in, thanking God all the way!!

When Searching And Noticing the Divine, sometimes it’s as simple as listening when someone else is speaking. Deb said, “All I did was pray and wait.” We can then hear the Divine at work when some, like David, exclaim, “I waited patiently for the Lord to help me, and he turned to me and heard my cry.” (Psalm 40:1) Let’s pray, and not walk away from the “Box Office” before God has a chance to answer our prayers.