An Open Wound

This morning, while having my hard-boiled egg with salt and pepper, I remembered a story my friend told me a few years back. Why would my breakfast bring this story to mind? Well, I have a wound on the tip of my finger. Sometimes when cutting hair, the scissors get our fingers instead of our client’s hair! That happened to me just the other day, and I have a fresh wound. Fresh wounds do not take well to salt, so I was being protective of my finger tip which brought to mind this story:

My friend and her husband were traveling up the coast of Oregon. It was a beautiful trip because of the combination of redwoods and ocean cliffs! They had stopped along the way and were exploring the beach, when her husband slipped somehow and cut his foot quite severely on the rocks. I believe bone might have even been showing it was such a deep cut!

The most logical thing to do next would have been to make their way back to their car and find the nearest Emergency Room. But this is not what happened. Her husband walked toward the water…toward the SALT water, and he put his foot into the water! YOUCH! That was my thinking when she told me this story! But what happened next was truly a miracle! When the water receded, and he once again could see the cut on his foot, the cut was GONE! Yes! GONE! Completely healed!

So he (Naaman) went down and dipped himself in the Jordan seven times, as the man of God had told him, and his flesh was restored…
2 Kings 5:14 (NIV)

My friend’s husband didn’t have to dip seven times. He wasn’t instructed to do so. But somewhere in his inner thoughts, by the power of the Holy Spirit, he was directed towards the salt water and not away from it. He was directed towards what could have hurt his open wound tremendously, instead of going to an Emergency Room for help. What seems ridiculous to the human mind healed my friend’s husband instantly by the power of an “unseen” God!

Not all wounds will be healed instantly in salt water along the seashore. In fact, most wounds will STING if we try such a thing! I didn’t even want salt to touch the small cut on my finger this morning. But, by listening closely to our “unseen” God, we will SEE many things that cannot be explained in human terms! If we walk in the direction given to us from the Heavenly realms, it will bring those Heavenly realms into our earthly ones, and we will be astounded at all that is possible with God! When God says, “Walk this way.” Let’s do it!!

Searching And Noticing the Divine will help us see that God is everywhere, and sometimes even showing Himself to us in miraculous ways!!