Offer Up a Prayer!

Have you ever been running late to an event and needed the perfect parking space? Who hasn’t? But how many of us have offered up a prayer for that parking space? Is God even listening when we make such a seemingly silly request? Isn’t the world full of much bigger problems for God to be working on? Is it wasting God’s time to even ask? Does He mind? Will He answer?

My daughter-in-law, Holly, shared a great story with me today! Holly was finishing up a busy day with her daycare business. I actually happened to be there when her friend came in with her four children, adding to Holly’s three children, and about four other daycare children still needing to be picked up. When I left, there was one child still waiting for their parent, and Holly was running behind. She and her friend, Joni, were going to a book signing in San Francisco. They needed to be on the road, but were running late.

Holly and Joni headed to the city, finding their way to the Castro District. It was packed with people. There wasn’t a parking space to be had, let alone a clear street to drive down!! Cars and people were everywhere!! That’s when Holly decided to offer up a prayer! Hands gripping the steering wheel, she called out, “Please, God, help us find a parking spot!” Her friend Joni said, “Oh, Holly!” But Holly responded with, “Hey, you’ve prayed for a lot more frivolous requests! God will give us a parking spot!” They soon turned a corner that was practically void of any cars—first unbelievable moment! Then right there, in front of the Castro Theater/book signing location, a van started to pull out of its parking spot—second unbelievable moment…so unbelievable that it brought on the third unbelievable moment. A storekeeper was out in front of his shop, sweeping up at day’s end. Holly asked him if this was really a parking spot? He said, “Yes it is! And it’s always full.” Do you want to know what happened then? They got out to put money in the parking meter, and it said, “Free Parking.” It seemed God had gone above and beyond the prayer Holly had even asked! Holly and Joni entered the book signing event only a few minutes late—just in time to hear the author start reading from her book!

I believe, with Holly’s story, God was putting an exclamation point on the book I am reading right now by Will Stoll, “40 Days of Prayer.” Interestingly, I am on Chapter 9, “Getting results – Asking!” We all need to ask much more, in Jesus’ name! God wants us to! He asks us to! We must!

When Searching And Noticing the Divine, asking is a BIG part of seeing God! Holly and Joni never would have seen God so clearly if Holly had not asked what she did! Holly said it was like God parted the “Sea of Cars” when they turned that corner, and the angels sang out in a Heavenly refrain as the van pulled out of that parking spot. Sometimes it’s the little things that show us how very BIG God’s love is!

Until now you have not asked for anything in My Name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.
John 16:24