Just What We Needed

While in Oregon my grandson and I took a drive over to a neighboring town. I was looking for something specific, and hoping it wouldn’t cost too much. I was in town helping my son make some changes to his home, and the funds were limited. In my search I found a store that seemingly carried used furniture, so besides that, and Craigslist, we were making progress. Cooper and I entered the store to find only new furniture. It was nice, of course, but way too pricey. A friendly sales woman came over to see how she could help us. I told her we were in need of an end table, and she pointed out some they had in the store. Do you know that you can get end tables now with USB ports built right into them? Maybe I just haven’t bought new furniture in a while! They were very nice, but not what we could afford. I wandered around a bit, and was just about to leave the store when I decided to ask her if they had any used furniture. She said they did, it was back in the warehouse—so off to the warehouse we went. It was a cold and foggy day in Oregon, and the warehouse had none of the nice new smells and warmth of the store we had just been in. But that didn’t matter, because when we entered it I immediately saw just what we needed…an end table, and also a small office chair for my granddaughter. (My son had just mentioned maybe getting her one for the “new” $10 desk in her room.) The only other used furniture they had there were about 20 recliners of all different colors and types. In my mind’s eye, even this morning, I see those two pieces of furniture we needed almost as if a beacon of light was shining on them. It seemed like God was saying, “Here they are! Just what you were looking for.” I asked about the price, and she quoted me an approximate sum, but said she would have to make a phone call to find out the actual prices.

We headed back into the warmth of the store, and the new furniture smells. It was refreshing and clean, but just didn’t meet our needs for that day. She inquired about the price of the two items. They were a bit more than I wanted to spend. I counter offered, and they accepted. Two nice young men then loaded the chair and end table into the van, and off we went! Happy as a clam! (Are clams happy?) When we got them back to my son’s place, I immediately slapped some paint on the end table before the other two grandkids got home from school. I was hoping the paint would be dry by the time they returned. It was.

This morning as I sit typing this message, my coffee and phone sit here beside me on the “new” end table, and the office chair was happily received by my nine year old granddaughter, Kylie. Of all the pieces of furniture that we could have come across in the warehouse, God provided just what we needed.

If we will Search And Notice the Divine daily in our walk with Jesus, we will see Him everywhere. God provides in big and little ways. But even the little ways, are big to us when it is our personal need.

Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.
1 Timothy 6:17 (NIV)