My Bad!

My bad…not an expression I normally use, but one I have heard from the younger generation. It is fitting today as I share this story with you, after what I did this morning. What happened was truly “my bad.” I was out of line. It wasn’t a terrible thing…but it showed what can happen when we turn and go in the opposite direction of what’s right. This was the scenario…

Jim and I were headed to church. I was driving, and we needed gas. We pulled into a gas station and the pumps that filled on the left, which is what our car needs, were all full. I chose to swing the car around and come at the pumps in the opposite direction—totally disregarding the arrows that pointed in the other direction. My thinking…“It’s Sunday morning, it’s quiet, and we will be quick…it won’t make any difference.” Immediately, a car pulled in behind us, in the wrong direction. I thought, “Uh oh, now I’ve encouraged another car to go against the arrows. And then, as I sat in the car while Jim pumped the gas, I saw another car pull in. The driver of that car looked at what was going on, and she proceeded to swing her car around in the wrong direction too!! Seriously? I had opened a floodgate of going against the arrows!! Is this a small thing on the grand scale of life? Yes! But, it is a good example of what can happen in our lives when we aren’t in line with God’s will.

God’s Word says, Don’t you realize that this sin is like a little yeast that spreads through the whole batch of dough? (1 Corinthians 5:6 NLT) When something gets off, when someone heads off in the wrong direction, or pulls in against the arrows, as I had done, it can suddenly seem “right” for everyone else. That little bit of “rebellious spirit” spreads so quickly! That is why it is so important to hold each other accountable in our walk with God. We are like sheep. We follow each other most times, instead of following God directly. We shouldn’t be looking around to see what everyone else is doing, and judging our actions by theirs. That’s dangerous! It’s so important to know what God’s Word says about EVERYTHING, so that when the world, or even one individual says, “I’m wandering off this way,” we will know if that’s a wise and godly choice to make. If what’s going on doesn’t line up with God’s “arrows,” pointing us in the right direction, we need to stop immediately and line up with God’s Word!

When Searching And Noticing the Divine, it’s easy to miss the Divine if we’re watching others and not paying attention to the Word. A whole herd of sheep can wander off a cliff, following one after the other, if their eyes are on the other sheep, and not on the Shepherd. Our “bad” can be contagious, just as mine was this morning! I got the message Lord! Next time, I’m following the arrows!!