Moving Day…Again?

I was reading about the Israelites in the wilderness, I decided to count how many times they moved in the 40 years they wandered…by my count it was 42 times! That averages out to about once a year. No wonder they were a grumbling and complaining group. I counted how many times we have moved in the last 40 years, because we will celebrate 40 years of marriage in April. We have moved 14 times, and I am only counting the move into our RV as one move. I can’t even remember all the different places we called “home” in the ten years we roamed about in our fifth wheel. What a wonderful and interesting ten years that was!

The boxes are almost all unpacked from our move, and it is starting to feel like a home instead of just a house. We added about 1,000 square feet to our living space, and with six of us here now, the abundance is much appreciated. God has truly blessed us. And, we have a backyard the size of a park! What fun for the three grandkids we live with, as well as the grandkids that come over to visit! When they get rambunctious it’s, “Everybody OUTSIDE!”

Moving always seems to take a great step of faith. I know my personality, as does my husband. I hate to leave where I am, but once I move on to a new place, I’m happy as a clam. And every time we move, I grumble and complain some. I hate moving…the process of packing, and all that comes with it! My favorite part is hanging the pictures. It’s what makes it home for me. As we were leaving the old place, I knew the packing was coming close to the end when I took the magnets off the fridge. Now, hanging pictures in our new place is coming close to the unpacking end. I am a woman of millimeters. Just ask my husband. So everything has to be in place, before the pictures are hung above it.

Grumbling and complaining…I have tried and prayed to keep it to a minimum. But being married 40 years doesn’t get us any younger, nor does it get us any less stuff. We have had to purge once again, and that part feels good. But the part that gets much harder is the stiffness at day’s end. The old body is getting, well…old! There was a time when Jim and I would pack and load and unload everything ourselves. We hire the loading and unloading parts now. We can pay the movers now, or pay the doctor later. We pay the movers.

Searching And Noticing the Divine will continue on. I already see the Divine, our Lord and Savior, our Father God, and the move of the Holy Spirit in so many ways here in our new town, in our new home…only ten minutes south of where we lived. The Israelites followed a cloud by day and a fire by night. They moved when God moved. I don’t know how much advance notice they had, or how much they had to pack, but just the temple itself was a huge job. God had specific tribes and certain people to pack and carry His Holy dwelling place. He had a plan and a purpose in it all, as He does for all of us. The Israelites were given one year of wilderness wandering for each of the 40 days the tribal leaders scouted out the new land and then came back to report they were afraid to go in. Only Joshua and Caleb searched and noticed the Divine in the Promised Land. So, out of the original 600,000 plus people that left Egypt, only Joshua and Caleb trusted in their God and were allowed to enter into the land flowing with milk and honey. Let’s be like Joshua and Caleb, noticing and trusting in our God!

You let people ride over our heads;
    we went through fire and water,
    but you brought us to a place of abundance.
Psalm 66:12 (NIV)