I coach people on how to live with loss. The term “coach” was recently spoken into my life, and it seemed fitting. It seems that is the work God has given me to do. I coach people about how to live without someone they love very much. It is something I have learned to do myself, through following the Word of God. This morning as I read Psalm 119:114, it said, “I have put my hope in your word.” And in verse 116, “Sustain me according to your promise, and I will live; do not let my hopes be dashed.” But sometimes our hopes are dashed, which is why our Instruction Manual, the Bible, talks about this very subject. Life is hard. People leave us for many reasons. How do we endure such hardships in life? Such missing? There is only one way, and that is to have all our Hope in Jesus and all He died to give us.

As I sit with others who are learning to live life without their loved ones, I hear a lot about the relationships they had with these people. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was difficult. But it doesn’t seem to matter when they are gone, there is still a struggle. If it was good, they miss them. If it was difficult, and they don’t miss them…they feel bad about not missing them. Or sometimes it was good, and yet they are happy for them—they are happy their suffering is over. They are happy they get to live in Heaven now.

This writing comes about because I was struggling over a loss. It was something so small. And yet, I couldn’t seem to let it go. In my mind, I was wrestling about an object that I had gotten rid of. It “seems” I should have kept it because of memories associated with it. Do I need it? No. But could I have used it? I guess so. But whether I needed it, or could have used it, I still wanted it back. Finally, I did what I normally do—I prayed about it, and I also voiced to my husband what my struggle was. I got it out of the darkness in my mind and into the light of truth, and it helped. Through this process, the gnawing feeling was leaving me—I was reminded again of how hard new loss is. How it is a process that has to be worked through. How it is a perspective thing. What is important in this life? What do we idolize? What are we clinging to if not our LORD? We are constantly having to make those adjustments so that our focus is right in this world. That is probably why God brings us all the different relationships in our life that He does. They are all to draw our attention to our Lord because there is only one place where our hopes will not be dashed, and that is being in a relationship with Jesus Christ. May it be said of us, as it says in Psalm 119:123, “My eyes fail, looking for your salvation, looking for your righteous promise.” I want to be looking so hard to Jesus, that anything else in this world pales in comparison.

While Searching And Noticing the Divine, our loss can bring us gain. Whatever kind it may be, they can teach us so much if we will search the Scriptures looking for our answers. We will notice that in eternity with our Lord, nothing will cause a tear to fall. Nothing. We are to hold everything in this world with an open hand, while clinging tightly to our Lord. As a “coach” with my own losses, I continue to study the “play book” and learn more every day. “Go Team Jesus!”

“Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I obey your word.”
Psalm 119:67