Living Water

How is it that some people exude the Fruit of the Spirit—the love, joy, peace, patience…that the Bible talks about? As I read and study more about the Holy Spirit, and how it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to produce the Fruit in/through us, I realize it’s less about us trying, and more about God doing. We are to bear the Fruit, not produce it. Our own fruit can seem to “spoil” so quickly on a “hot day.” People with lasting Fruit are soaking in the Living Water! It’s the only way!

The other day I was out back watering, and I noticed over in the corner of the yard that the sunflowers are growing at a different rate. Some are 6 inches tall, some are only 2-3 inches tall. They are exactly the same seeds, planted on the same day, and I water them all the same. So what’s up? One day I went out shortly after the sprinklers had been on, and I could tell what areas the sprinklers reach, and what areas they don’t. Half the sunflowers were getting watered, not only by me, but by the sprinklers, also. That half are growing by leaps and bounds above the rest. And, I noticed what God was teaching me. Without spending enough time with our Savior, we may be surviving. We may even be growing, slowly. But don’t we want more than that? Doesn’t the Bible say that we run the race to win the prize; not just to place second or third? Some of our sunflowers are “winning” the prize and some are not, simply because some are being watered more frequently—same seeds, same soil, just more water.

We all seem to want to have the control in our lives. It seems to bring us a sense of comfort. And yet, too often, we don’t experience the comfort we can have by taking control in the only area where we really have it, which is how close we live in relationship with our Father. A line from a worship song talks about being in God’s presence, and that being where Heaven and Earth meet. We should be curling up in our Father’s lap, daily, and letting His Word water us, comfort us, and grow us. I heard an interesting story the other day while talking with a new friend. She told me of an experience she had a few years back at her job. A woman had come in to talk about a building she was working on. As they sat across from each other in the conference room, my friend, a grown woman, had the strongest urge to want to crawl into the woman’s lap and be comforted by her. She didn’t even know where that was coming from until…she found out this woman had been her preschool teacher. She didn’t recognize her, and barely remembers anything about those preschool days. And yet, it seems her spirit had been “watered” by the love and comfort this woman had shown her.

Searching And Noticing the Divine starts with being watered by the Word of God. We may think it is wasted time when we are finished and can’t remember half of what we read. But our Father in Heaven says His Word will not return void, and we can believe Him. God gives us earthly examples to prove His point. Sunflowers, and preschool teachers are just a couple. Jesus calls us into a close relationship with Him for a reason. Jesus is the Living Water. Let’s drink Him in, and grow strong as God’s children—then the Holy Spirit will produce His Fruit through us.

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run,
but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.

1 Corinthians 9:24 (NIV)