Such a Little Thing

How detailed can God get in our lives? I think today He was having fun showing me! I could easily have over looked His help, but I am choosing not to. We are told, “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.” Luke 16:10 (NLT) It seems in God’s scope of things, little and big, both are important. I want to be honest, and in line with His will in all things…even if it is seemingly the size of an ant.

Today, as I cleaned up our back yard, sweeping, and trimming, and collecting those trimmings into a bag for disposal, I wasn’t looking forward to once again getting pricked by the many thorns on a certain bush. But, like I normally do, I was just going to tough it out, deal with a little blood, and get the job done. I did think, “Maybe one of these years I will actually purchase a pair of gardening gloves,” as I continued to work on preparing the yard for this beautiful Spring-like weather we are having.

When it came time to pick up all the clippings, the allergies associated with yard work were kicking in. I came into the house, took an allergy pill, grabbed a plastic grocery bag to use as a “glove” against the thorns, and then headed back out to finish up. As I stepped out the door into the back yard, I looked down and saw some bubble wrap on the ground. I wondered where it had come from. I hadn’t seen it before when I was trimming the bushes. A thought passed through my mind, “Maybe I can use that to protect my hand from the thorns?” And when I picked it up, I noticed it wasn’t just a piece of bubble wrap, it was in the shape of a bag I could slip my hand into. I laughed to myself and thought, “Maybe this is a new invention for just this sort of thing?” I have to say, it worked pretty well as I scooped up the clippings! There were less thorn pricks than usual! In fact, in thinking about it, I don’t know if I actually got pricked at all through the bag. There were some allergic scrapes on my arms, but no blood to be seen!

How do these things happen? How do bubble-wrap bags that can be worn over a hand, just appear in a backyard of thorn-covered clippings? Is God really that much into the details of our lives? Does He really care that much to provide such a thing for His children? I’m going with a big, “Yes, He does!” on this. I have seen God in so many things, in so many ways, and today was no different. No matter how ridiculous, or how small, or how surprising, I don’t want to miss a thing He is doing and providing each day!!

Searching And Noticing the Divine might sometimes take on microscopic proportions—But none the less, my heart is grateful no matter how small the gift. My Heavenly Father probably got great joy in the little surprise He left in the yard for me today!