Making Lemon Pie

They say when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Well, the other day my used-to-be neighbor, Pam, came to our new home, and she handed me lemons. She asked if we like lemons? Well, yes we do…and then it struck me—my husband’s birthday is in a few days and he loves lemon pie! I hadn’t thought to make him one until she came in with the lemons. I believe it was a God thing, a divine moment, and a gift that could keep on giving! I haven’t said a word to Jim yet. He will be more than happy when he sees what “God’s” got cooked up for him!

As I sat having coffee with a good friend this morning, she was telling me how she has been reading The SAND Room. She said the stories remind her to look for God in everyday events. That warms my heart, because that is why I share. We are usually looking for the big miracles from God—they can be life-changing…they can be exciting…they can be faith-building. But what about the things God is doing every single day? There is a verse in Luke 16:10 that talks about being faithful with the little things, and how we will then be faithful with big things. Our Father in Heaven would like us to see Him in the things He does for us all the time. Like any father, our Father in Heaven can get frustrated when all we want is MORE, MORE, MORE, instead of being grateful for what He has already done. I get such a kick out of our grandson, Cooper, when he prays before dinner. Cooper is five. He thanks God over and over and over for our new home. And when he goes out back, doing something new in the yard, playing in the dirt, or watering the plants, he says, “This is the best day ever.” What an example to follow. I’m sure his Father in Heaven is happy with his heart of gratitude.

Any good day can quickly turn to a bad day when something gets “out of order.” Many times a grumpy attitude can come about because we’re not getting what we want…what we think we need. Do we, as God’s children, put ourselves in a time out, open the Word, and pray—thanking God for all that He has already done? If we would, and if we would model that for our children, helping them instill those habits when they are little and their problems are little, how much better would they be able to handle their lives when they are grown and their problems are big. Instead of taking our “lemon” grumpiness out on others, God has a better plan. Turn to Him, search for His divine ways in our lives, and thank Him for what He has already done to help us get where we are. He will not fail us.

Searching And Noticing the Divine can start with being handed “lemons.” Whether that calls for making lemonade, lemon pie, or something else…the important thing is to know that God is in it with us. When we realize God is with us, it will help us grow in our faith. Even sour things can become sweet—just as Jesus’ death on the Cross became our saving Grace. Let’s give Jesus all the praise and glory that He is so deserving of this Resurrection Sunday! “He is Risen” is the greatest miracle of all!

He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much;
Luke 16:10 (NKJV)