The Key

I’m always on the lookout and listening for God in the details of our lives. I never know when they are going to show up or be heard. I never know when the next conversation will hold the key that will open the door to the next SAND room writing. It’s fun to wait and see.

This morning, having a simple conversation with a woman who always sits behind us in church, we exchanged pleasantries, and discussed how Thanksgiving had gone. She began to tell us how she was working as a flight attendant on Thanksgiving, and had flown in for just a short time that day. Because she was in a different airport than where she had left her car when she flew out, she had to rent a car and quickly drive home to get to where dinner was being served. When she got to her house, she realized she didn’t have the garage door opener that’s in her car, and so she didn’t have a way into her house. No key! What was she going to do? It seemed there was no way in, or was there? Because she had put up some outdoor Christmas lights, one of her doors was not securely locked like it normally would have been. It was just enough to make it possible for her to get into her house. Was she ever thankful!

Is there any better place than in church to be talking about our thankfulness to God? Well, yes, of course there is. Everywhere is a good place to be thankful to God because He is everywhere—ever present in every day, in every way. When we start sharing our lives with each other, in church, at work, out shopping, in our homes, things are going to be discussed that can draw our attention to God’s goodness. Will we see them that way? Or will we dismiss things like a door left slightly ajar as happenstance? In this busy world, a world that can be very hard, we can get blinded to the fact that God is working for us and not against us. We can start to think when we are in a hurry that God has deserted us because we may end up in the wrong car, not having what we need. Instead of that, let’s watch for how God has gone before us and has taken care of our needs. Even if she had truly been locked out of her house, maybe there is a good reason that we may never know this side of Heaven. What appears bad could be the very thing that works in a mighty way for the Kingdom of our God. Maybe she would have had to contact a neighbor, and maybe that neighbor had fallen and had been praying for help?

When two or more Christians come together, ones who are devoted to the ways of Jesus, we are united in God’s Spirit. We can work together to stay focused on what God is doing instead of all the ways we might think He has failed us. We can help and encourage each other. Satan would like us to get lost in the confusion and chaos. God would like us to keep it simple, remembering that Jesus came to save us, and not even a sparrow falls to the ground without God knowing.

Searching And Noticing the Divine happened for me this morning in church. But no matter where we are, let’s develop relationships with people who point out our Savior’s Divine ways in all our comings and goings. If birds of a feather truly flock together, let’s find that flock of sheep being led by our Great Shepherd, Jesus. They will help to keep us focused. And when we are focused on Jesus, we will then be ready to lead others who may not know Him to the wonder of His goodness and grace.

He will stand and shepherd his flock in the strength of the Lord, in the majesty of the name of the Lord his God.
And they will live securely, for then his greatness will reach to the ends of the earth.
Micah 5:4 (NIV)