It Comes Around

Is it true that what goes around comes around? It seemed so on this day that I’m about to tell you about. I was away on a small retreat with friends near the town of Sonora, CA. Like women do, we talked, we ate, we prayed, we shared, and we went to a few yard sales in the area. We also exchanged birthday gifts. Once a year, we celebrate all our birthdays together, each buying one gift for an unknown recipient. We then draw numbers, and match our number with a number on the gift. It is fun buying a gift and not knowing who is going to get it. We love to watch God match up each gift with each friend there. We have seen just the perfect match made so many times. This day was no exception.

I had brought a gift bag with a few different items in it, and I included a copy of The SAND Room, Volume 1 in it. When my friend opened it, she was happy with what she had received, but little did we know what God had planned. We went about our day, until late in the afternoon, she decided to open The SAND Room to whatever page God would have her read. She turned to the story called, “I Saw Jesus Today.” And what did the first line of that story say? “I went to a garage sale this morning.” She had! We all enjoyed how God was putting the pieces of life together right before our very eyes. When she read the story out loud, I sat there wondering if this was going to be a SAND Room story about a SAND Room story? Then I thought, how could it not be? This is what these stories are all about...not chalking up these things to coincidence or luck, but the workings of a Mighty God who is involved in the tiniest details of our lives. It would make sense that God would take a book written about seeing Him in our every day, and then show Himself to us in our day. I think He was having fun with us. What an amazing God we serve! How does God have a person open a book to a certain page, and then have it speak right to that day’s happenings? Well, I guess we could ask how God created the whole world? Trying to understand the ways of God goes beyond our human understand.

Searching And Noticing the Divine doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes God is surprisingly obvious. I don’t want to miss Him in moments like that—and so I note them, and to share them with all of you. God can part the Red Sea. He can send His Son, Jesus, to this earth as a baby, have Him die for our sins, and raise Him from the dead, conquering sin and death. He can have us turn to a certain page on a certain day, matching them up perfectly. Some things seem so small and insignificant, and other things are so large that they seem highly impossible. But our Father and His plans are what make the world go ‘round. Let’s continue on this eye-opening ride through life with Him until Jesus returns.

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
Matthew 19:26 (NIV)