Driving to work this morning I looked at the beautiful trees that lined the street. I looked at the people jogging along the peaceful winding path next to the road. And I thought about Hell… What?! You might be thinking…you thought about Hell? Why? I’ll tell you why. It’s because, sometimes, life can be difficult! It feels like we are living through Hell on earth. This very earth that God designed for us intermingles great beauty with terrible ugliness…every day. Because of that, our thoughts about life on earth can get very distorted in thinking this is Hell. But this is NOT Hell. This is not even close to Hell. And this is also NOT Heaven. This is not even close to Heaven. What this is is a fallen world where the good and evil coexist with each other.

Take your hands and put them out in front of you. Now intertwine your fingers and fold them together like you’re saying a prayer. Think of your fingers as representing good and evil. Think of each finger as a day, or perhaps a year, or maybe even a season of your life. Now go ahead, wiggle them! One good finger, one bad finger, back and forth we go…and such is life. Why do bad things happen? Well, why do good things happen? If we ask the first question, we need to ask the second. But we don’t really hold the answer to either, do we.

Recently, I read a book on a woman who experienced Heaven. And a while back, I read a book about a man who experienced Hell. I started to think of the two extreme opposite experiences they had. The Hell experience was beyond bad! It was devoid of God. There was no love there…no peace…no companionship. But there was lots of pain!! The Heaven experience was FULL of God. It was beyond good! It was filled with Love because God is Love. There’s total peace in Heaven…total forgiveness. And there’s not a bit of pain…not even the pain of missing those left behind on earth!

And what about present day earth? It’s a mixture of both! It is said that this is as close to Hell as some will ever get, and as close to Heaven as some will ever get. But right now we all get a taste of both. One “tastes” very, very good, and one is quite unacceptable!! We want to spit it out!! But we can’t have all of God just yet, and we also don’t have to endure all of Satan either. One day we will, but not yet. God is giving us time to decide. Why would we not choose the sweetness of a loving God over the distastefulness of Satan?

When Searching And Noticing the Divine in our day, God is helping us see how very good He is, compared to how very evil our enemy is. God is making it very clear! God also wants us to know that one day good and evil will no longer intermingle. There will be a great chasm between the two. If we pull our folded hands apart and look at them…we have to ask ourselves a question. Are we choosing to live in the Right Hand for all of eternity by saying “Yes” to Jesus today? Because He will place the sheep at his right hand and the goats at his left. Matthew 25:33 (NLT), the choice is ours. I pray you’ll choose the sweetness of our Heavenly Father.