I Saw Jesus Today!

I went to a yard sale this morning. It is not my normal way to spend a Friday morning. In fact, I’m usually at work on Friday and Saturday, so I don’t get to yard sale shop when most sales are going on! I was excited to meet with my sister, Karen, and check out this special yard sale I had heard about. I picked her up early, wanting to be there for the best picks.

My sister is a master at not only having yard sales, but shopping at them. I knew I was going with an expert, and I was glad. I wanted to get a good deal on the things we would see, and I knew she would steer me right. I wasn’t disappointed. We found some great items, and got some good deals. We then made our way over to the house next door. I guess they decided if one neighbor was going to draw a crowd, why not put it to good use. That’s when I saw “Jesus!”

What did He look like? You’re not going to believe this…but He looked exactly like Karen! It wasn’t the second coming of Christ. But here’s what Jesus looks like before His actual return. He looks like someone who finds a few valuable items at a garage sale, and doesn’t take advantage of the owners. He looks like someone who kindly explains to a little old lady from Germany what a couple of her books listed at a dollar could really bring. He looks like someone who picks up an old toy and tells this same person that she should really look into how much it would be worth…because it’s exactly what the “pickers” would be looking for! It’s a generous spirit in a human body!

To be honest, I didn’t look as much like Jesus today as my sister did. I was looking for deals. And even when my total purchase only came to $14, I offered $12 instead. We settled on $13. I thought that’s how it was done. But, Karen taught me more than how to make a deal today. She showed me what it looks like to “be” Jesus to people even when they don’t know that’s Who they are seeing. The name of Jesus wasn’t even mentioned. But His love was so visible! When we left, the lady said, “Please come back! You’re fun!” She knew that most people would have paid the buck or two and turned it into a few hundred. And nobody would blame anyone for doing that. But I have to tell you, as exciting as it would have been to make a couple hundred dollars, it was a lot more exciting to see “Jesus” today — to see His kindness, His generosity, and His way of doing what’s right, and not just what’s popular and selfishly advantageous.

When Searching And Noticing the Divine, we might just see Jesus! We have to have our eyes open and looking for more than a deal. We have to look for a heart like His, in a world that isn’t. Little sisters can teach us a thing or two, not only about yard sales, but about Jesus!

The generous will themselves be blessed… Proverbs 22:9