Hedging Us In

We wonder sometimes, does God have our back? Is He really watching out for us? The other day I was teaching my grandson, Cooper, that God is Omnipresent. He tried hard to remember that word to tell daddy when he got home from work. It’s going to take a bit more work, but he will get it. He’s five. He has plenty of time.

With our Omnipresent God, we need never fear. What we see as past, present, and future, God simply sees. As we read Revelation, we are reading the future. When God wrote it, it was written as something God had already seen. We wonder how that can be? But we will always wonder many things about God. If we served a God that we could totally figure out, then would He really be a God who is capable of creating the world we live in and designing every intricate detail that makes us who we are? This morning at church, a young man said that we are surprised when something goes wrong in the womb. But really, we should be much more surprised when everything goes right. We are such a complex being. Just to form an eye is beyond our comprehension. Or to create a brain that functions in all the ways ours does, is amazing.

Recently, I had the privilege of speaking at a Grief Conference. It is a touching day of remembering those that have gone before us, and learning how to continue on with life here without them. As much as I prepared for this day, praying and studying, I still wondered if I would be ready. I longed to convey the Hope we have in Jesus and all that God has done the last 14 years healing my own shattered heart after our 16–year old son left this earth for Heaven. As I struggled with my inadequacy in being able to tell this story sufficiently, I received a simple but profound email from my friend, Lynn, about it. She wrote, “You’re living it.” God knew that is just what I needed. From that point on, when doubts came, I repeated to myself, “You’re living it.” Then came the day of the conference. On that day, more “manna” was delivered from Heaven as I was able to share all that God had done on this journey. God had hedged me in from behind, He saw me through the present, and what was to come next showed me He was already ahead of me. Just when the enemy swooped in after the conference to ridicule me about what I had said during the talk, I received a text from another friend, Drue, who also has a child in Heaven. She had attended the conference. She said, “I could watch, and listen to what you shared today, over and over again.” God knew those were the exact words I needed to hear. He knew the lies the enemy was trying to fill my head with. God was shutting the door on the enemy’s attacks once again.

Searching And Noticing the Divine can come in stages and through different sources. As God protects His children, He lovingly surrounds us with His goodness. He surrounds us with His love. He is everywhere…all the time…He is Omnipresent! Maybe at my age I’m just beginning to understand that word, too.

“Have you not put a hedge around him and his household and everything he has? You have blessed the work of his hands, so that his flocks and herds are spread throughout the land.”
Job 1:10 (NIV)