Happy Birthday

We may wonder if God is involved in the tiny details of our lives. In fact, my son, Jimm, and I talk about that quite often. The other day we were going out for burgers and there was an open parking space right in front of the restaurant. I thanked God for the parking spot. Jimm questioned whether God had really done that for us. I don’t know how important these things are to God, but I know God is in control of all things, so I thank Him for them just the same.

Recently, it was Jimm’s birthday. Maybe God just wanted Jimm to see how He is involved in tiny, tiny details of our lives. On this day it wasn’t a parking spot, it was Jimm’s badges for work. I was putting some laundry in as Jimm was getting ready to leave for work. Jimm asked me to add some of his clothes to our load since neither one of us had a lot to do. I said I would. Normally Jimm does his own laundry, so this was quite unusual. When putting the empty laundry basket back in his room (Jimm is living with us for a short while), I noticed his work badges sitting on the table. I quickly called his phone. He was just about to enter the freeway—a few seconds later and he would have been well on his way. But in God’s perfect timing, Jimm was able to quickly change lanes and come back to get his badges. Instead of getting to work and having to drive all the way back home, it was only a minor delay. Yes, it was a little thing for God to do. But it saved Jimm the frustration and time in his day...and on of all days, his birthday.

This is soooo tiny on the grand scale of life. There are people fighting big battles, but I LOVE seeing God in the tiny details of each day. Big things don’t happen every day. Most days are pretty ordinary. But if we practice seeing God’s handiwork each day, we will be practiced up for when the big things come from God, too. I think it pleases God when we notice and thank Him for all things. Many may want to argue that these tiny details aren’t God at all. It’s just good luck isn’t it? Or maybe it’s coincidence? But as I heard Charles Stanley preach recently, God is either Sovereign, and in control of all things, or He isn’t in control of anything. And if God is not in control, then we have a lot bigger things to worry about than anything we face each day on this earth—we would have no eternity to look forward to. Without Jesus, God’s One and only Son, this is it folks. This life, and all the good and bad it contains, is all she wrote, so to speak. But we can have our Hope on something so much bigger than the things of this world. We can have all our Hope in Jesus, and all He died to give us. We can have our Hope in a place that has no battles to fight. Heaven is waiting our arrival! Jesus offers us that!

When Searching And Noticing the Divine, we can get a taste of God’s goodness right here, right now. It is fun! We can celebrate each little thing with our eyes on our very big God! It doesn’t mean we won’t face hard things. But it means we can enjoy and give thanks for the many blessings that our enemy, Satan, would rather blind us to.

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them
will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.

Matthew 10:29