God’s Coloring

Meeting new people is always a joy to me. I never know what God will have in store for each encounter. I get to meet so many new people through my job as a hair stylist, and I meet many new people through church. The other day I was at my friend, Lynn’s, house, and I met a very special woman. I had heard a lot about Dodie, and was looking forward to putting a face to her name. When she came to the door, I was a ways away, but I could already see the joy of the Lord in this tiny lady. Dodie stands less than five feet tall, but she is a powerful woman of God. I immediately walked over to her, wanting to get to know her. She gives the warmest hugs, and I received one. As Dodie joined our gathering, I was looking forward to gleaning from her godly wisdom and hearing about her lifelong experiences, as she in her 80’s.

It wasn’t long, and I noticed something else about Dodie. She had what I would call God’s coloring, in her cheeks—she had a rosy glow. When I saw it, my heart was immediately filled with memories of being with my grandma and her rosy glow. It was such a blessing. My grandma went Home to Heaven in 1988, at the age of 89. Dodie is not old enough to be my grandma, but she is close to the same age my grandma was the last time I spent time with her.

As our group sat around Lynn’s table, we began our Bible study, of sorts. We were discussing things that were not easily understood, and to have Dodie’s godly wisdom at the table was so valuable. I love to ask about people’s lives, and Dodie gladly answered my questions. She, like my grandma, had lived through so much. I was too young the last time I was with my grandma to fully grasp the depth of wisdom that was in my midst. I had learned many things from time spent with grandma, but what I wouldn’t give to have more of that time with her now and ask her so many questions... I will never have my grandma back with me on this earth, but God introduced me to an amazing woman who could satisfy some of my heart’s desire to sit with “her” again.

While Searching And Noticing the Divine, we never know who is going to walk through the door of our lives and shine with Jesus’ Divine love. Dodie entered through the door of her faith in Jesus many years ago—but each time she prays, her eyes fill with tears because of how much she loves her Savior, still. She really does glow with His love! Many people intersect the path of our lives, and some of those people, like Dodie, can’t help but make us feel closer to our Lord.
The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love. Galatians 5:6 (NIV)