Gifts of Love

Many have heard of the “Five Love Languages.” It’s interesting to find out what they are, and how they match up with not only ourselves, but those around us. I was having this very conversation with a gal at work the other day. She said her husband had given her flowers for Valentine’s Day. And then she said, “Just roses.” I quickly replied, “Just ROSES? That is awesome!!” She then told me he had also cleaned the kitchen for her, and that he could skip the flowers if he would just clean the kitchen for her every day. I asked her if she had heard about love languages. She had not. But after I told her, she said she was going to get the book and read it! She is newly married, so that might be good!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I had my grandchildren here this year, and we were supposed to have a “gala event” in celebrating the day. The only problem is, I didn’t know what we were going to do during this “gala event.” They were excited, and I was bewildered. I’m not big on shopping, decorating, cooking, etc… I prefer something more simple, probably more in line with my love language which is quality time. But the kids wanted more than that, and God knew that. And God knows me! So what did He do? He had one of my good friends bring me everything I needed for this gala event, and she wasn’t even aware of it. But in she walked at work, with a bag full of Valentine’s Day goodies. There were marshmallow hearts to make, (I had never made marshmallows.) heart-shaped pasta with red sauce, sparkling apple cider, lego’s, and one other gift I will tell you about in a bit. This friend’s love language is gifts, and she had given me gifts of love to share with those I love. It was amazing!

This became a Valentine’s Day to remember with the grandchildren because of God’s provision through a friend. When we are at a loss, God is never at a loss, He knows what is needed! I love to see how much our God loves us in the way He cares for the details of our lives. Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind… (Psalm 107:8)

I didn’t have to go far when Searching And Noticing the Divine on this Valentine’s Day. It came in a large red bag full of gifts of love. To not notice how God uses others to bless our lives, we would be sadly remiss. We all have different gifts in the Body of Christ, just as we all have different love languages. No one person has them all. But when we are connected to the Body of Believers, we can see how God orchestrates each person’s spiritual gift to help and encourage one another. And what was the last gift I haven’t told you about? It was a small felt heart with a recording device in it. I saved it until it was time for the Oregon grandkids to make their trek home after a week-long visit. I recorded a message to be played when they got in the car. They were sad to be leaving. My daughter-in-law said it made the departure easier. I have a Valentine’s-Day heart of gratitude for all the things I wouldn’t have thought of, but God did! Thank You God, and thank you Rene’!