Fresh Tomatoes

I was recently talking with my friend, Deb, in Florida, and she was heading home from work to prepare a good old home-cooked southern dinner—like she would have had at her grandma’s house...lots of fried food, like okra, and some corn bread, too. I was waiting for her to say fried chicken, and I would have been there! But they were having a pork roast. All this fried cooking reminded me of a sign I saw while I was just out shopping the other day. It said, “It’s my kitchen, and I’ll fry if I want to!” I laughed, because after our stove top has just been cleaned, there is NO frying anything in our kitchen for at least a week, and Jim knows it! (I almost bought him that sign.)

But the frying was soon to be going on in Deb’s kitchen, and everything was sounding yummy, right down to the chocolate cake with ice cream for dessert. Deb told me there was only one thing that had been missing…fresh tomatoes. She said at her grandma’s house they would have gone out to the garden and picked some ripe tomatoes to go with the meal—not the kind we get in the store, but the kind that only come from a garden in the backyard. Now, I don’t eat tomatoes, but even I can see the difference—one is juicy and red, the other is dry and pinkish in comparison. Deb said she was sure wishing she had some tomatoes for her meal! She said they are like the icing on top of the cake, as any good southerner knows.

There are things out west that are different than things in the south. Doesn’t that almost go without saying? For one, we talk a bit differently! (No southern drawl.) And our food is also a little different. From what I know there aren’t a lot of artichokes being eaten in the south! Until Deb told me about the importance of tomatoes, I didn’t have any appreciation for how much they were needed to complete her meal. And I have to tell you, she doesn’t much like artichokes when she comes to California! But God knows all our likes and dislikes, and He had a plan! One of the gals Deb works with “just happened” to bring in a whole bunch of fresh tomatoes from her garden for all those working in the orthodontist office the exact day of Deb’s dinner! Again, we can see God’s perfect timing and blessings in our everyday life when we are watching for them!

Searching And Noticing the Divine can come from any direction. It doesn’t matter where we live, or what our need is, God loves to surprise us! God knew the wonderful meal with friends that was planned at Deb’s house, and He provided! It wasn’t the Last Supper—but whether it’s supper as they call it in the south, or dinner, as we call it out west, I do know thanks to our Lord were given before anyone dug into that good old fried southern cookin’!