Recently, while having my quiet time with God, I was reading in Hebrews 12:3 about the suffering Christ endured, and how we are not to grow weary and give up. After 8 days on crutches due to a broken foot, I was a bit weary as the palms of my hands hurt, and my back had sore muscles. I was getting good at standing on one leg, and rolling around in an office chair in the kitchen to help with cooking.

When I went to the follow-up doctor appointment, I wondered what he was going to tell me. Of course, my foot had been prayed for, and I know Jesus is fully capable of healing a broken foot. But if not that Lord, then please let me get a boot I can walk in, and let me take it off to shower and drive. I’m not asking much. I’m just asking for the ability to function like I don’t have a broken foot, even though I do! Upon confirmation of the fracture, each one of those prayers were answered. My son, Jimm, said, “I’d say short of miraculous healing, that’s best case.” Yes, it is!

Without crutches I was free to walk again! I enjoyed that freedom for a few days, and then Vertigo hit me! If I hadn’t been so nauseous, it would have been almost laughable, laying there with my big boot on, now plastered to the bed to keep the room from spinning. I tried a couple of “remedies” for Vertigo that were suggested. Mostly they just made me toss my cookies! I just had to wait it out. Thankfully, it only lasted a day. But how could I not think of the verse, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him,” from Job 13:15. What next God? Is there something I am to be learning in all of this? J.I. Packer writes in Knowing God, “He seeks the fellowship of His people, and sends them both sorrows and joys in order to detach their love from other things and attach it to Himself.” I also learned that between Vertigo and a broken foot, I’ll take the broken foot any day! God may have been giving me an attitude adjustment. (I read about grumblers and complainers this morning in Jude 16.)

When Searching And Noticing the Divine, sometimes we have to be stopped in our tracks before we will take notice of all there is to appreciate—the gifts from God we usually take for granted—the greatest Gift being Jesus. Do we stop long enough to consider that Jesus came to forgive us of our sins? Do we stop long enough to think about an eternity in Heaven with Him? Jesus came to put us back on two legs again after we took a fall in the Garden of Eden where our relationship with our Father in Heaven was broken. Jesus is not a crutch for weak people; He is our “boot” to get us walking again and heal what’s been fractured. The wisdom found in God’s Word can also keep our head from spinning when it seems the world is going crazy all around us. We have much to appreciate!

And let us run with endurance the race that God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, on whom our faith depends from start to finish…Think about all that he endured when sinful people did such terrible things to him, so that you don’t become weary and give up. Hebrews 12:1b, 2 & 3