Door Number Three

I used to like watching Let’s Make a Deal on TV. I loved it when they had to choose which Door Number they wanted. What hidden prize would they get? The contestant had to give something up to discover what was behind it. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was not. They never knew what would be waiting there for them until that door slid open.

Our lives can be like that when we are making our way through the maze of choices a day can hold. Where is the Holy Spirit leading us? Should we trade in what we are doing for another door? I had three doors before me just the other day. They weren’t all that complicated. Door Number One, a friend in the hospital. Door Number Two, breakfast with my husband and a grieving friend I have been spending time with. Door Number Three, a ballgame with my son on his birthday. These choices for the day were all “good,” so how do we know which one to choose?

My thoughts went to the hospital first. Although I had been there already, my friend’s condition was serious. I could go after having breakfast, accomplishing both Door Number One and Two. But I would have to pass on Door Number Three, the baseball game. It seemed the decision was made. But…on the way to breakfast, my peace was LOST! It suddenly went flying out the window. I knew I was on the wrong path for the day. It seemed Door Number Three was calling me loud and clear! Oh man, I knew my husband would understand. I knew my friend in the hospital would understand. The hardest part was telling my friend I couldn’t have breakfast with her. But I HAD to! She took the news well when I told her God was calling me to be with my son on his birthday. Watching the A’s game on a beautiful California day with my son isn’t exactly a difficult sacrifice to make! Having experienced much harder ones, I appreciate “assignments” like this!

Searching And Noticing the Divine plan isn’t always easy, especially when all the ways ahead of us seem good, reasonable, and right. But this experience really showed me, if God wants us on a different course, He has ways of getting our attention—a lack of peace is one of them. We can plow through those feelings if we want to, but it isn’t wise. God wants it to go well with us. Jesus says He is the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father except through Him. Jesus is the Door we are all searching for. He is the only true Door that leads us Home. It’s important to listen to our GPS (God’s Powerful Spirit) along the way. Not only did my peace return when I responded to God’s urging to go to the game, but I later saw how going to the hospital the next day worked out much better for all concerned. It is good to trust in a God who knows so much more than we do. Jesus loves us, forgives us, and helps us when we sometimes head off in the wrong direction.

Obey me, and I will be your God and you will be my people.
Walk in obedience to all I command you, that it may go well with you.
Jeremiah 7:23 (NIV)