Does God Care About Football?

Does God care about football? I really don’t know what God thinks about football. But I do know that God cares about everything, and everyone!! This last weekend was such a sweet example of that. Our son Jimm, and granddaughter Kylie, had driven down from Oregon for just one day. Nine hours down, one day here, and nine hours back again. Why? Because Jimm was joining his brother, Chris, at the Raider game on Sunday. The brothers had gotten season tickets in the black hole as a gift from their brother, Phil 12 years ago, although Phil was not present at the gift giving. He had just gone Home to Heaven a month before Christmas, and we had used some of his life insurance money to purchase the boys Season Tickets that year in remembrance of him. Chris continues to purchase the tickets. We are die-hard Raiders fans!

Jimm has since moved to Oregon, having married Cami, who is from there. They have three children. He seldom gets to attend the games anymore, so this was a special time for him and Chris. But on Saturday, Chris was in excruciating pain!! After a trip to the ER, he found out he had a kidney stone. It looked like all game plans were off, unless Jimm wanted to go with someone else. He didn’t. He said he had come to town to spend time with his brother more than anything else, and he would sit at home with him and watch the game with him if need be. I was so proud of his attitude about it all! These “boys” are now in their 30’s, but they are still our boys!

Up until late Saturday night, Chris was on painkillers, but come Sunday morning, it seemed the pain was gone, and the guys were able to head to the game – tailgating and all! They were some of the smart ones who went into the game early enough to see the quarterback take the first snap of the drive and run it 93 yards down field for a touchdown – the longest run for a quarterback in NFL history! The guys had a great time at the game. The Raiders even won their first game in ten years after a bye week, and Chris felt fine…until Monday morning. Halfway to work, the pain began again, and Chris ended up driving himself to the ER. It was looking like surgery was needed. They were going to fit him in…so we waited…ALL DAY, until at last the surgeon came in about 8:00 P.M. He recommended not doing the surgery. Chris was not so sure, even though the pain had subsided. He didn’t want to go home, and have the pain come right back. But Chris agreed to wait and see, spending the night in the hospital. The next morning, plop, plop, fizz, fizz…oh what a relief it is! The stone came out!!

The reason why I tell you this entire story is because when Searching And Noticing the Divine in our lives, we can see God in so very many ways!! We can see Him in our joys and in our sorrows. We can see Him in our best days and in our worst. And we should. We should see God in all things, because He is always with us! Chris will never forget the pain he was in. But he, and all of us, will never forget God’s goodness in it all. To have the pain completely gone on Sunday so the brothers could enjoy the game together, watching history be made, was such a huge blessing!! We all stand in awe of God’s timing. We know that all things are not what seems like perfect timing to us. To have our youngest son leave us at the age of 16 doesn’t seem like God’s perfect timing. But when we keep our focus on God, and keep our prayers ascending Heavenward, we can witness some very amazing things! Does God care about football? Well, I hope Terrelle Pryor is thanking God for his history making touchdown! What I do know, is that God cares about families, and brothers, and our sons – and this mom’s heart is very grateful for all that God does each day!

How we praise God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms because we belong to Christ.
Ephesians 1:3