Divine Moments

School recently started here in the San Francisco Bay Area, as it has around the rest of the country. Moms are happy, the kids are sort of happy, and the grandparents…well, we just get to have fun with it all! I did, as I took each of my grandchildren who live close by out for ice cream as a special treat to celebrate. Not to mention, I get ice cream three times!! The calories aren’t what I need, but it surely is enjoyable with the kiddos!

During these times, there have been Divine moments with the young ones! God keeps showing up! Laila, age five, just started kindergarten. We went to my house, per her request, and read together after ice cream. We read the children’s Bible I keep here. We turned to a story of Joseph, and read how he was a brave and honest man. I asked Laila if she knew what “honest” meant? She then admitted to me that sometimes she lies a little. But she tries not to. When I took her home that day, as she was getting out of the car, she said to me, “I’m gonna tell Mama that I forgot my headband at school.” She was on a mission of honesty. Her Mama accepted the message well, and commended her for telling the truth! We had not planned this “lesson.” But God had, because Laila had recently gotten into a bit of trouble for not telling the truth.

Then came the day of ice cream with Jackson, age seven. Back to the ice cream shop, where Jackson got his favorite flavor, chocolate! We sat outside in the warm sun to eat it. I’m sure you can imagine the chocolate mess that was spread all over his hands and face! But where was he to wash up? With no bathroom in sight, I instructed him to start licking!! Then all of a sudden, he lit up! I hadn’t heard it, but he had! The sprinklers turned on! He knew immediately that water had been provided to wash in! Then we were on our way to our next adventure, which was to head to the foothills and get out the binoculars. I told him we were looking for mountain lions. What we saw was even bigger than that! Standing close to the railroad tracks, we looked up and down, and there it came…a large, very real, very LOUD train!! When we got back into the car, Jackson said, “This is one of the best days of my life! We were so lucky!” I said, “Jack, we were really blessed today! God knew we needed water, and He knew we would love to see a train! Do you know how to spell blessed Jack? B-L-E-S-S-E-D.

Then came the day for grandchild number three to enjoy some ice cream! I arrived at the house to pick up Denell just as my daughter-in-law needed to go get Jack from school. All her daycare kids were asleep, so it was God’s perfect timing for me to go get him! Afterwards, I had a wonderful time with Denell, enjoying her choice of frozen yogurt. We chatted. We ate. And we shopped…seeing God’s blessings in the details of our day.

When Searching And Noticing the Divine together, how many ways can we see God perfectly orchestrating our days? Just as Jack and I were on a hunt, so our hearts should also be searching for the Divine and His miraculous provisional moments! It is such fun!