Dedicated to You, Jesus

The SAND Room stories this month will be dedicated to Jesus. I have other stories waiting…wonderful stories that have been shared with me about the Divine showing up in our ordinary days. I love those stories! But for the month of December, I want to talk about Jesus, and Christmas stories. I put a comma there, separating the two for a reason. I have a writing coming out about the controversy of this season. Some will like what I have to say, some will disagree with it, and some might even be confused about it all. Let me just say, I understand there are some “hills to die on,” and others not so much. Our eternal life in Heaven based on Jesus Christ is a “hill to die on.” When we say, “Yes, to Jesus.” We say, “Yes,” to all that He came to give us. He is, He was, and He will always be our only way to enter through the gates of Heaven—having been cleansed of our sins by His blood shed on the Cross!

So, why, oh why, do I start with that on this December day? Because, I went Christmas shopping today, and these shopping days can turn into some of the most unholy, rushed, and stress-filled days of the year…and I didn’t want it to be like that! Not for one minute! So I drank in, not only my coffee this morning, but the Word of God! Then I got excited to go out and meet the world in the stores today! (Normally, I’m not much of a shopper.) I wanted to be “Jesus” out there to everyone I came in contact with…with that mindset, it seemed I got to see a bit of the world through His eyes! And I have to tell you, it looked good! I saw people making sure they were not cutting in line. I witnessed people being more than courteous in crowded areas, to make room for others. I had the opportunity to give my place in line to a woman who was on her lunch hour and needed to get back to work. I saw someone bump a large stack of pajamas onto the floor, only to have two of us quickly help her restack them on the shelf. We felt her gratitude. I saw smiles, and was helped by patient employees who, when asked, didn’t love their job, but had been at it for 12 years and still remained cheerful. Plus, God helped me find gifts for those I love and care about. It seemed everyone was on their best behavior…or was it just my attitude that was on its best behavior? Is that why I saw the best in all people? Is it what’s inside of us, or is it what’s going on around us, that determines our day? Oh, and I LOVED saying “Merry Christmas” to everyone along the way! Because it is Christ who makes us all merry when we remember what His birth means to this world! She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins. Matthew 1:21 (NIV)

In Searching And Noticing the Divine today, I chose not to just blend into the hustle and bustle of the season. I chose to go slowly, and love my “neighbor.” That’s who we are to be in Christ every day, not just in December. What a waste of a day it can be if we leave the Divine at home when we venture out into the world that He created for us to enjoy!