I sat with my Bible study group and listened as our leader, Liz, shared a few stories of things in her life that hadn’t gone as “she” had planned. Then she pulled out her phone to share a picture with us. It was a sweet picture of her with her husband at a lavish affair, sitting at a table adorned with beautiful flowers. It wasn’t too long after that picture was taken that her husband had left the table, as well as everyone else. As she sat alone, a large man came by and bumped the table. Not more than a few seconds later, the whole table went crashing to the, dishes, the works! There Liz sat, the table collapsed before her, and the contents strewn about. She remained calm, and barely moved as the calamity struck. She shared her stories with us, telling us multiple times that they were for someone there...someone needed to hear them. Things could come crashing down, and our God will see us through as He had in her own life. I wondered who she was speaking wasn’t me. Things were fine, very well, in fact. We have entered into a good season that is comfortable, harmonious, and peaceful.

After Bible study, I picked up my grandson from school, ran an errand, and then returned home where I entered through the front door and met my husband at the foot of the stairs. He works from home. He asked me about my morning, and then I asked him about his. I told him I had had a great morning. He said, “Mine was terrible. I got laid off.” One of my friends used the word, “stunned” when I told her, she was right. That is a very good word for how I felt. It was not at all what I expected to hear when I got home. Jim and I were both stunned. We sat at the kitchen table and talked over our options. We prayed, and talked some more. Then we went on with our day. What else was there to do?

It wasn’t until a couple of hours later, as I was once again headed out to pick up a grandchild from school, that it hit me...God had been speaking through Liz to me this morning! I literally laughed out loud, a lot! Entering the freeway, I continued to chuckle. At a time when I should have been stressed, I was laughing. Why? Because I clearly saw that God had gone before us. That He used Liz to speak His warning of what was coming. God didn’t want us to be fearful. He wanted us to know that this was no surprise to Him, and that He has a plan in it. On this day, we don’t have a clue what that might be. But we do know that we will not expend energy on fretting. So, Jim and I did what we have done since 1984. When job loss comes...we celebrate by going out to dinner. It was yummy! Take that Mr. Satan!

It is certainly a time of Searching And Noticing the Divine. We will do it together, as a couple, as a family, as children of our Mighty God. Perhaps, by the time this story goes to “press,” God’s answer will have come. Perhaps not. But each day, we will give thanks...thanks that this world is not our home. We are just passing through on our way to a place that our Savior has been preparing for us. Job. No job. Well. Not well. Happy. Not happy. Wealthy, or poor...our Father in Heaven has it all covered. We just need to stand under His covering and Trust; this is just a semi-colon in life, as my friend, Nancy, recently shared with me. God isn’t finished yet.

Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.
Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:3-4 (NIV)