How Was Your Christmas?

It seems now that Christmas is over; it’s okay to ask that question. Strange isn’t it…how it seems a bit awkward to wish someone a Merry Christmas when they wish us a Happy Holiday. But after the fact, asking, “How was your Christmas?” seems okay. They will quickly respond with how they gathered with family, or not, or how they stayed in town or ventured elsewhere, with not much thought that we asked about their Christmas and not their Holiday. Maybe we haven’t gotten so far off track that we can still ask about Christmas once it is finished.

I like to read to our family out of a book we got a couple years back about that “First Christmas Night.” As we finish our dinner and are still gathered around the table, I will read this “seemingly” children’s story to adults and kids alike. It has beautiful illustrations in it, and tells of Jesus’ birth. It shows the Wise Men delivering their gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. There are pictures of the Shepherds on the hillside, with the Angels announcing that Christ has been born. The pictures are warm and welcoming to the heart, as the animals surround Baby Jesus in the glow of His arrival. This is why we celebrate Christmas. It’s not just a holiday, it is Thee day of all days, when Jesus entered into our world and offered us His very life in exchange for an eternal life in Heaven. It doesn’t matter if we have the exact day of Jesus’ birth right. What matters is that we are celebrating Jesus, and what He means to the world we live in. This world would be lost without Jesus, as would we. His Grace is more than just a quick prayer said before diving into the turkey and dressing on Christmas Day. His Saving Grace is our Hope. Jesus alone forgives our sins and gives us a gift that cannot be wrapped up and put under any tree…His gift is perfect. His gift of Salvation is the right size, the right shape, the right color, the right amount, the right everything. Once our hearts are opened to Jesus, this world and all its trappings can diminish as His love and goodness expands inside of us to satisfy our deepest needs.

How was your Christmas? Ours was very special, very blessed, and very difficult, too, as I’m sure many of yours were. Life doesn’t stop handing us problems on Christmas day. Life can even seem harder when the tree is sparkling, the food smells oh so good, and presents are distributed. The family that gathers around, or lack of family that gathers around, can pull at our heartstrings in so many ways. Who is speaking to whom? Who is missing whom? Who is hurting physically and emotionally? It’s all part of the day.

When Searching And Noticing the Divine on Christmas, we don’t have to look farther than Baby Jesus. Without a Baby Jesus, there is no Christmas. With Jesus, we have a reason to celebrate, even while enduring earthly trials and tribulations. Jesus came, died, and rose again so we can celebrate every day, knowing that one day we will be with Him in a Heavenly Place. That’s why Christmas can be celebrated, even when there’s heartache. Because when we know Jesus as our Savior and Lord, we can truly rejoice in His birth!