Book Day

My granddaughter, Kylie, told me that Bible means Book—and then I heard on Sunday it means “little books” in Greek. Interesting how I heard that twice in the same week. Kylie and I were talking about this because she took her Bible to school last Thursday. She was encouraged to do so through the James Dobson ministry on K–Love Radio. Her dad warned her that there could be some repercussions about it. But he was willing to stand beside her no matter what happened. I talked with her, too. We thought school might be the difficult time. But it so happened that it was more the trip home from school that she ran into difficulty. On the way home, her electric scooter ran out of battery power. And not only that, when she came out of school, she noticed that the strap on her backpack had ripped. A nylon, heavy duty strap! And we wonder about the power of Satan? These “hiccups” in Kylie’s day were simple for our enemy to accomplish. But the power of God is soooo much greater! I told her dad it was like us getting a flat tire. It was a rough spot in the road that day for her. She called home, and we went to get her.

Kylie didn’t merely put her Bible in her backpack, and go to school. She carried it onto the campus. And she was asked many questions about it by her friends. Questions like, “What is that?” “What religion are you?” The kids asked if they could take a look at it. They said it looked like a journal. They liked the design, and the colorful pages. She told them it was a study Bible. And she told them about the meaning of the word, Bible.

This takes me back to my middle school days…a much different time in our world, in the early 1970’s. And it reminds me of Becky, a girl my age who always brought her Bible to school. I wasn’t a Christian then. Becky was a young evangelist. I acted like I wasn’t interested, but I remember being very interested. Becky has no idea that just a few years later I would say yes to Jesus. I know I will meet Becky again one day in Heaven, and I will thank her for her courage in Jr. High. She planted seeds that she never got to see sprout. But I remember, and God remembers. She was one of God’s warriors—as is Kylie.

Searching And Noticing the Divine can make an impression on us years later. We might not even notice how deeply that seed was planted when we saw a classmate carrying that “Book,” or were told the simple Truth of what it contains. Kylie is eleven. Her classmates have many, many years to go before they are my age. But when they are, they may be sharing about a girl named Kylie who planted a seed in them—seeds that sprouted years later. It’s not easy to be bold about the Gospel in a world where Jesus is not the most popular “god” in the room. But when we are, others will notice, and others will be touched, and lives can be changed. And even if the devil trips us up on our way home from a day such as Kylie had, we can keep on keepin’ on down that road of faith, because our God is greater, and our God is stronger than anyone!

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young,
but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

1 Timothy 4:12 (NIV)